Friday, August 06, 2010

Life Can Be Surreal In Eastern Arizona

Hebrews Cafe, Snowflake, AZ
Paul and I spent the afternoon and evening at HeBrews Cafe. They're no longer in the building shown on this blog. They moved to a much larger place but it still has a very similar feel.

Anyway, we went there because they have air conditioning and a fast internet connection and because we keep thinking it's relatively quiet compared to home.

But when we got there I decided to make a change to our spiritual counseling website that resulted in ALL my websites becoming inaccessible. Then my email was inaccessible, too. And after quite some time fussing with that, the quiet at HeBrews disappeared because a country rock band walked in and started playing. They were actually very good so, theoretically, if I had been in a better state of mind that might have been enjoyable. But I just wasn't in sync with that until I got the internet issues worked out.

Then I started to notice what a very strange place this cafe really is. . . not that I haven't noticed before. But this time I had a sense of humor about it. Directly across from me was a big American flag covering half the wall with red, white and blue stars next to it and plaques reading FREEDOM and LIBERTY. Like all places in Snowflake and Taylor it's extremely important to establish before anyone walks in just how full of patriotic fervor you are so that's the first impression anyone might have of the place.

But it's also a CHRISTIAN cafe (also extremely important in Snowflake) so the next thing you notice is the menu. Everything is named after something in the Bible. There's a Holy Moses Chicken Wrap, the Goliath Panini and some kind of sandwich called The Ark. Particularly funny though was today's special: The Stones of David (two small hamburgers and fries). I thought they were referring to a different sort of "stones" and couldn't believe my eyes. It took me a minute to remember the story of David hurling stones at Goliath. Paul says it takes great stones to put David's stones on the menu. Ouch. Of course, this is supposed to be an espresso cafe with cappuccinos and other specialty coffee drinks. But Paul, who is a true coffee geek, claims that the coffee here isn't drinkable at all so he had a lemonade and I had a pina colada smoothie. (The food is really good, though.)

Are you getting the impression that this is a mix of California "hip" and Arizona kitsch? That would be about right. The owners came from California not that long ago but they have to make it in Mormon Christian right wing cow town! They picked one of the most Western looking storefronts there is and bring in local country western and Christian rock bands to play every weekend. You half expect someone to come in with a cowboy hat on his head, a cross around his neck, and gun on his hip. I saw cowboy boots tonight but most people wear black t-shits and  baseball caps instead of the full on cowboy regalia. Full-on cowboy is what happens at Trapper's. This place is really a hybrid so this is how it turns out instead.

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