Sunday, August 08, 2010

Picking Flower Essences

A lot of people tell me they have trouble picking flower essences -- there are just so many available! For example, one person wrote to me recently saying: I have such trouble making decisions but should I choose Cerato or Scleranthus? Cerato is good for people who don't trust their inner truth and, therefore, invalidate their own thinking and depend too heavily on others for advice. Scleranthus is more for the person who tends to be out of sync within themselves. The heart says do this, the head says do that. What on earth is a person to do? They're similar issues, obviously, but not exactly the same. In one case, Cerato, the person feels cut off from knowing what really would be best -- too much early criticism, pressure to make the "right" decision, fear of mistakes. The same issue can be there for the Scleranthus person but these people do know what they want frequently. . .  if they weren't terrified of the consequences!

For me, the main key is gaining insight into the distress BEHIND the presenting symptoms. The distress behind the distress -- the reason why the issues exist. Family of origin stuff is frequently an issue. Sometimes belief systems we've inadvertently picked up. Paul and I do intuitive spiritual counseling and healing. Flower essence consultation can be part of this.

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