Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Chiropractic Adjustments Through Spiritual Counseling Alone

Why do we do this work?

We get the gift of seeing people turn their lives around. Not every time, of course. But most of the time we see a shift. A light goes on for one client: “Now I know why I’ve been so scared and what I want to do instead! Thank-you!” Another client says “I’ve been carrying such a burden of grief and loss and pain over this old memory. Thank you for helping me to forgive and move on. I feel like I can breathe for the first time now.”

One of the biggest gifts from doing spiritual counseling and healing work has been seeing what is possible. Three clients stand out in my mind as I write this. In each case they complained of a pain they typically would see a chiropractor about. In each case we didn’t touch them or do any energy healing. We examined unconscious belief systems running in their lives, helped make them conscious, and paved the way for new choices to be made. In each case the client exclaimed that they felt much better physically by the end of the session. One client stood up, we heard a cracking noise as her vertebrae shifted back into place, and the pain she was experiencing was gone completely! A few days later she called to report that she canceled her weekly chiropractic appointment-- she didn’t need it that week at all.

We’re not trying to put chiropractors out of business! (I have a favorite chiropractor I’d hate to do that to.) But the mind/body connection is a powerful thing. Change the belief that you’re in danger and need to be self-protective and your shoulders don’t need to be held up around your ears anymore. The back relaxes, healthy energy flow increases, and things that were out of alignment automatically snap back into place.

We can’t promise we can do this every time. We didn’t try to do psychic chiropractic adjustments at all! But it happened, for three clients in a row, one week when we were needing confirmation of what NOT doing hands-on healing work could do.

It’s uplifting to see this happen. It doesn’t just help our clients--it reminds us of what’s possible in our own lives as well.

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