Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What Do We Do?

Recently, on Facebook I found out that people I've been conversing with for some time have no idea of what Paul and I do, why we do it,  or how we do it! I imagine that many people who receive our email newsletter but have never had a session with us feel the same way. It's about time we remedied that situation!

First: what do we do?

Paul and I offer a service you won't find being done by two practitioners working as a team hardly anywhere. We look for other people like us! We've wanted to meet them, swap stories, find out what they charge and how they promote their services. Occasionally a husband and wife team doing some piece of what we offer pops up on our horizon but to this day we have not met a spiritual counseling and healing team doing anything like what we do. Although we have met single practitioners providing somewhat similar things.

We combine spiritual and more conventional counseling techniques with one-on-one teaching, direct spiritual guidance (some call that "psychic" or "channeled" guidance), hands-on or off-the-body energy work, guided imagery, and a variety of exercises or homework to take the work forward. Our intention is helping you get to a deeper sense of well-being physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually but we don't use the same set of techniques with each person.

What happens in a given session depends on what you set as your intention for the session and what you most need (and are ready) to receive. Some people come because they are in pain because of a difficult relationship, job, or health condition that hasn't responded to conventional medical attention. A certain number of people have come because they have been having spiritual difficulties they wanted help with: difficulties with Kundalini awakenings, pain from having gotten involved with damaging guru relationships, pain from not having the spiritual support they desire, confusion about where to go with their lives now that they've had a spiritual opening. Some want help with handling issues related to developing an alternative healing private practice of their own. MOST people have underlying issues that are not the primary issue they present to us when we first get started.

This is how a "typical" session might go:

We always start by getting quiet, meditative, and asking for our guides, angels or those higher beings who have our deepest welfare as their main concern to be present (in some sessions we use the word "God" -- it depends on the belief system of the person we're working with). We intend that the space we're creating be otherwise free and clear and that the guidance come from the highest place possible. On rare occasions we need to address outside influences the person might have brought in with them (the worries and concerns of someone close to them is most common). It's kind of like brushing off distracting influences (like a mother-in-law who is always insisting she knows better than you) so the guidance we receive is clear. We all set our intention for the session and then we ask our client what it is they are here for.

At this point the session can go many different ways but it is always an interactive experience. Paul always closes his eyes and gets into a deep meditative state. He's had a serious meditation practice since childhood -- he drops into this state almost instantly without effort. I always get quiet, attempt to be in my version of meditative and wait for direction. I might hear a word, a phrase or a whole paragraph instructing me to ask about a certain thing the client may or may not have mentioned. If Paul gets the first hit he'll usually start by describing whatever impressions he may have received in his meditative state. Sometimes we get no psychic / spiritual input at all! But when that happens it's because it's not needed. After 30 years of providing more conventional peer counseling, the way to begin is frequently obvious! Usually there is some spiritual direction added but one way or another a way is opened for a dialogue to begin.

Our clients always participate in their healing. We guide, direct, ask specific questions but the client is always empowered to become more aware from the inside out...although we might bring something to their attention they were not wanting to address before. As I said, there is almost always some kind of underlying issue behind the scenes. A client frequently says I want help with "X" and either Paul or I will get the strong impression that that's not the whole story. A person who says they need to make a career change might just have an angry boss they don't get along with or a spouse or partner putting pressure on or perhaps a hankering desire to add something that's missing now. When there's a long-standing health issue the person might want healing but what will happen if they allow it? Has an entire lifestyle developed around this issue, perhaps a psychological need that hasn't been otherwise addressed? Complicated issues can't always be unraveled in one session but we always address at least one.

Some sessions proceed with interactive spiritual counseling alone. It might look like a conventional counseling session but we stop to ask for guidance at various points along the way. In other sessions we might be guided to do hands-on healing work. Blockages from past history come to light that way and we can then talk about that and help release them using a variety of techniques. Some people come to us primarily for the energy work. They hop on the table and that's what we focus on. But it's a rare session when we don't combine the healing with some kind of process to make the work conscious so people come home with the insight and knowledge they need to maintain the healing or take it further.

We can't always "fix" what's going on. Sometimes we have to say that we can't undo a problem you have but we can help you choose healthier happier ways of living with it. Sometimes the problem is how a person is holding the issues—not seeing the inherently positive aspects of what's going on, not seeing the opportunities this life experience creates, the "mistakes' that are actually the genius of our subconscious minds at play. Or "at work' to help lead you to water you might not otherwise drink.

The vast majority of our sessions in recent years have been done long distance via telephone and that works extremely well. Most of our clients come primarily for guidance and insight although we can do almost all of our energy healing techniques long distance as well. Unfortunately, you don't get the visual and emotional support that comes from a hands-on, in-person experience that way. We also want to be able to spend more time with our clients -- longer sessions or regular ones so we can walk people through the exercises we give them to do, for example, or help them through what comes up after they follow through on their own. We're working on ways to bring our work to healing retreat locations (spas, etc.) so we can help people ready to take the time to do this work. But I think we needed to learn how to do the work long distance as well so that the work of a healing retreat doesn't have to be followed up with no support at home.

I hope that gives people who have been curious some idea of what we do. In future blogs I'll share more about how I got into this work, what excites me about it, and why we continue to want to do it.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, if you'd like to have a session with us go to our website at http://www.healingcommunication.com. You'll find a link for how to set up a session or contact info for asking more questions.

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