Monday, March 07, 2011

MOVING SALE on Everything in Our Etsy Shops

Paul and I recently moved to Santa Fe, NM and need to move again! It could be as far away as just down the street but who knows? And we've got an entire storage shed full of stuff we wish we could have sold in Arizona. We'd like to sell it all but, online, let's start with the small stuff!

In my Mama Love shop on Etsy I'm offering a chance to buy some of my flower essence aromatherapy formulas for 1/2 off plus shipping. These are slightly damaged. The product is still great but the packaging was hurt in shipping and have scuff marks, bent edges or are torn. But it you're not giving them as gifts you don't have to care! Check them out at You can also buy ones in excellent condition at full price if you like.

In the Etsy shop I share with Paul I have marked my handmade silk and faux fur bags down to $19.50 including shipping and the pendants are all $16.50. Again, another really significant reduction in price. Be sure to get the ones you want quickly because we're not currently making any more.

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