Tuesday, April 05, 2011

We've Got Our Dancing Shoes On!

We're moving to Grass Valley, CA and we're going to be INNKEEPERS! Well, there's a surprise. But it could be a great fit. We like people, we like little art towns in pleasant places where people like to go on vacation,  and we like the idea of helping out a small business. We get living quarters which include an office / art studio, too, and already have lots of encouragement to bring our work to the community. So we're doing it! We're leaving April 15th or thereabouts and will start in May.

Quite a bit before we left Santa Cruz I did this batik painting on silk called "African Violet Dreams of Life in the Serengetti." It was based on my experience doing African dance and playing African marimba music. At the time I was quite convinced I was eventually going to leave Santa Cruz. Well, the Serengetti is a desert and after spending several years here, all I can say is I'm glad we're coming home! We're not going to Santa Cruz but we are going back to water and trees and more of the kind of life we like.

We're putting our dancing shoes on!

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