Sunday, May 29, 2011

Blackberry Flower Essence for Manifesting Life Purpose

We went for a walk in Upper Bidwell Park in Chico today and came across a wonderfully healthy wild Blackberry bush in full bloom. Coincidentally, I use Blackberry Flower Essence in my Manifesting Life Purpose flower essence aromatherapy oil and Paul and I were hot in the middle of a discussion about manifesting life purpose of our own! I decided to write about this plant when I got home and use the perfume for myself as well. In many previous blogs I've explored how the way a plant expresses itself in the world indicates what it might be used for. Ready to do it again?

Known most commonly as Trailing Blackberry, this low-growing trailing shrub grows from British Columbia, throughout California and eastward to central Idaho.  It is particularly common from the Cascades to the Pacific Coast. The canes on this plant can grow to 15-20 feet in length but its habit is to form a sprawling mound. It is a very hardy plant and tends to aggressively take over burned or logged sites. It grows in a wide range of habitats but is most common in moist shaded areas in canyons, streamsides, prairies or clearings. It does well in otherwise barren infertile soil and tolerates periodic flooding.

Blackberry flowers are white tinged with pink or pale pink. They are 1 - 2 inches across and, like all members of the Rosaceae (Rose) family, have five petals. The flowers tend to open wide in a star-like shape. They grow, singular or in small groups, along the prickly stems of the plant which are covered with prickly leaves. Depending on elevation, the plant blooms from late February through June. Red berries ripen to black in July or August. The plant is a biennial. It does not produce flowers or fruit until its second year.

Symbolically, climbing plants indicate the direction a person is taking in their life. The blackberry climbs horizontally throughout other vegetation or climbs on itself to create a sprawling mound. While it has great length it does not climb high.  Unlike plants which seem single-minded in their goal of reaching towards the sun, the blackberry never gets off the ground and appears to scatter its focus in various directions.

Flowers in the shape of a five-pointed star often symbolize the human body because when we stretch out our four limbs and head we resemble a star ourselves. Stars also indicate a tendency to be focused on lofty ideas or spiritual concepts or indicate a need to shift a spiritual imbalance. The whitish color of the flowers further reinforces this orientation since white is the color of the crown chakra. Pink often points to the need for balance between the crown (white) and root (red) chakras. The point of balance, at the heart, shows the need to balance the physical with the spiritual in order to follow one's heart's desire.

Blackberry flower essence is indicated when an individual has many great dreams and desires but is unable to get them off the ground. The person might have very strong intentions but trouble executing a realistic plan of action. Energetically, there may be a lot of activity in one's head but not in the rest of the body, particularly the hands and feet. Without enough energy one's hopes and dreams cannot be adequately nourished. Blackberry (pink) combines spiritual inspiration (white) with vital action in the physical world (red) to specifically address these issues. The result is great energy for clearly and decisively bringing one's ideas to fruition.

More Custom Made Laptop Speakers

A Message of Hope for Those Worried About 2012

A beautiful film, 25 minutes long and worth every minute. Even if you're not interested in 2012, it's uplifting and inspiring.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Custom Made Laptop Speakers

Here's something new: speakers for your laptop, iPad or any electronic device that plays music, custom designed with our art and photography. This one is my favorite, featuring an art piece by Paul.

Intuitive Flower Readings

What do the "flowers" have to say about key issues in your growth and development at the current time?

Relationships, career, health, etc -- there's at least one flower essence (see below for more information) that can be used as a guide.

As an experienced spiritual counselor, healer and flower essence practitioner, I've been using flowers as an aid for my emotional, spiritual (and physical) health and well-being for many years. I've always been intuitively guided in the work I do... flower readings are a way for me to give you a taste of what I have to offer in a fun and (I hope) accessible way.


Pick one area of your life you want me to focus on (include a note or a convo when you pay for your reading) or get a more general one (I'll choose). Ask a specific question if you like but stay away from asking for predictions of the future. These readings are best for gaining insight into what holds you back, what will move you forward, what to focus on in healing, etc.

I calm and center myself, call my guidance in, and then dowse for the right flower(s) that most represent what is needed for your highest well-being at the present time.

I write down the guidance I receive and send it to you as a personal email.

Only $15 for one area of focus.

Check the Intuitive Consultation section of my Etsy shop for more details.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Get Mama Love Naked!

"Hey Mama Love! You're all about value and the environment and all that good stuff. How come you sell these products with all this packaging I have to throw away?"

"Um, well, it's what sells it. People think it's cute and buy them as gifts for their friends!"

"I don't, I buy them again and again. I don't want the packaging--I love your stuff anyway. Why not save yourself the trouble and me the expense and give me my Mama NAKED?!"

"Gasp! Um... okay. I still put them in bottles, label and shrinkwrap them but the rest of it is gone -- no cute jacket with info about the product and a cute Healer Mama on it. If that's for you, you get a big discount!"

Check out the NAKED MAMA SALE in my Etsy shop.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Green-Cross Gentian for Troubled Times

Poster from the United Kingdom reading "K...Image via WikipediaWhen I was unpacking my Mama Love supplies recently after several challenging moves, I came across a bottle of Green-Cross Gentian. It's a flower essence I use for situations when things feel so hard I don't know where I'm going to find the courage to carry on. "I ought to be using this right now." I thought to myself so I tried it singly instead of in combination with other flower essences as I usually do.

Interesting. I thought it would make me feel strong, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound -- which is what I wanted it to do. Instead I felt strangely calm -- like the calm in the center of a storm. Calm? I don't want to feel calm! I want to feel energetic, able to do amazing things! But the calm increased and finally I realized that's probably what my inner psyche needs after all.

"Keep Calm and Carry On" was a poster produced in Great Britain during the Second World War. It was intended to raise public morale and has now been revived and has become very popular in recent years.  Superhuman strength is something an adrenalized person might call on in an emergency on a very temporary basis. You know, the mom who somehow lifts her car off her injured child when she couldn't possibly be able to do that otherwise. But that kind of intensity can not (and must not) be maintained for long. For longer-haul crisis keeping some kind of groundedness and inner peace is really essential for long-term success.

I use Green-Cross Gentian as a key ingredient in my Mama Love for Troubled Times formula -- the formula that put me into business as a flower essence aromatherapy producer.

1 Dram Oil

1 oz. oil

2 oz. Oil

1 oz. Spray

2 oz. Spray

Monday, May 02, 2011

Go to Tofanellis in Grass Valley!

We promised to spread the word about this: if you ever go to Grass Valley and stay past the weekend, go to Tofanelli's and ask about the Breakfast Special if you don't see it on the menu. It's delicious, it's HUGE, and well worth the $5.95 price. Paul and I split one and couldn't finish it. 
A huge amount of eggs (if you ask for them scrambled), bacon or sausage, hash browns and 2 big fluffy pancakes.
It wasn't advertised anywhere. Paul had an intuition so, even though they're such a fancy place it doesn't look like they'd have a special at all, we went in and asked if they did. It was amazing! And the staff was really nice and attentive with endless cups of coffee. 
Just weekdays though! Weekends you'll have to have choose from an enormous selection of other wonderful-sounding options.

Sense and Sensibility in the Hotel Industry

Traveling and needing to stay in economy hotels and eat out gives you a different perspective on what passes for customer service, value and "sound" business practices. Take, for example, our recent experience at the Inn in Grass Valley. We got an insider's look at how one family does business. Does reputation mean ANYTHING in the world of business these days? It ought to when all of your referrals and testimonials come from "word of mouth"!

What generates a good referral base? If a satisfied or a set of satisfied customers rates you "5 Stars" on Tripadvisor? Maybe. But what's most important is treating the folks who work for you as if they are your most important asset! Why? Because healthy, well-paid and cared for employees generate the most goodwill. They tell other people how great your establishment is. They invite people they know to come (like we did for the Inn before we knew better.) They feel motivated to spread the love. And that's essential for generating local and internet referrals. Who's most likely to ask a guest to post a positive comment on Tripadvisor? The happy employee working behind the front desk. And how do locals know where to send their friends when they visit from out of town? Most likely after hearing good things from a friend or friend of a friend. The same thing goes for competing motels that get booked up and need to send people elsewhere.

But the opposite is also true. We tracked down more than one ex-employee of the Inn before we left town. Guess how we found the second one: We told our sad tale of woe at the motel we had to escape to last Wednesday night and the co-manager's first response was "I know someone else who had a terrible experience working for them! She's working just down the street!" News gets around fast in a small town. Think she'll refer any more guests to them? Not likely.

Other thoughts... which would you prefer? To stay at an establishment that wants to give the perception of hospitality or at one that goes over the top making you feel like the price you paid was well worth it? For example, some places provide a coffeemaker and packets of coffee but no sugar or creamer (even the dry powdered kind). Unless you enjoy your coffee black you won't be using it. And, according to the orientation we received earlier this week, that's on purpose! It's all about perception. You feel like you're getting something for nothing but the intention is that the longer the coffee packets stay unused, the better. Contrast that to a place that provides coffee in the lobby 24 hours a day for free. An Econolodge we stayed at in Santa Fe does that. They do better than that. A real hot breakfast is served every day for not much more than staying at the run-down Motel 6 just down the street that does not. They also offer free wi-fi. Motel 6 charges $2.99 for one person. If two people want to use separate computers it will cost you double! $6.00 for wi-fi? Motel 6 is usually an okay place and we've been to Econolodges that were horror stories! But when you do find one that goes the extra mile, it makes a big impression. The impression you get staying at the typical Motel 6 is that it appears to be a bargain on the big sign by the highway but by the time you've paid extra for your spouse to stay, too and add in a wi-fi card or two... You might get enticed once or twice but once you've tasted better for the same price you think better of it.

Brand loyalty took a lot of businesses far back in the day and branding was all about perception. But these days, caring about people enough to provide true service is the name of the game.