Sunday, May 29, 2011

Blackberry Flower Essence for Manifesting Life Purpose

We went for a walk in Upper Bidwell Park in Chico today and came across a wonderfully healthy wild Blackberry bush in full bloom. Coincidentally, I use Blackberry Flower Essence in my Manifesting Life Purpose flower essence aromatherapy oil and Paul and I were hot in the middle of a discussion about manifesting life purpose of our own! I decided to write about this plant when I got home and use the perfume for myself as well. In many previous blogs I've explored how the way a plant expresses itself in the world indicates what it might be used for. Ready to do it again?

Known most commonly as Trailing Blackberry, this low-growing trailing shrub grows from British Columbia, throughout California and eastward to central Idaho.  It is particularly common from the Cascades to the Pacific Coast. The canes on this plant can grow to 15-20 feet in length but its habit is to form a sprawling mound. It is a very hardy plant and tends to aggressively take over burned or logged sites. It grows in a wide range of habitats but is most common in moist shaded areas in canyons, streamsides, prairies or clearings. It does well in otherwise barren infertile soil and tolerates periodic flooding.

Blackberry flowers are white tinged with pink or pale pink. They are 1 - 2 inches across and, like all members of the Rosaceae (Rose) family, have five petals. The flowers tend to open wide in a star-like shape. They grow, singular or in small groups, along the prickly stems of the plant which are covered with prickly leaves. Depending on elevation, the plant blooms from late February through June. Red berries ripen to black in July or August. The plant is a biennial. It does not produce flowers or fruit until its second year.

Symbolically, climbing plants indicate the direction a person is taking in their life. The blackberry climbs horizontally throughout other vegetation or climbs on itself to create a sprawling mound. While it has great length it does not climb high.  Unlike plants which seem single-minded in their goal of reaching towards the sun, the blackberry never gets off the ground and appears to scatter its focus in various directions.

Flowers in the shape of a five-pointed star often symbolize the human body because when we stretch out our four limbs and head we resemble a star ourselves. Stars also indicate a tendency to be focused on lofty ideas or spiritual concepts or indicate a need to shift a spiritual imbalance. The whitish color of the flowers further reinforces this orientation since white is the color of the crown chakra. Pink often points to the need for balance between the crown (white) and root (red) chakras. The point of balance, at the heart, shows the need to balance the physical with the spiritual in order to follow one's heart's desire.

Blackberry flower essence is indicated when an individual has many great dreams and desires but is unable to get them off the ground. The person might have very strong intentions but trouble executing a realistic plan of action. Energetically, there may be a lot of activity in one's head but not in the rest of the body, particularly the hands and feet. Without enough energy one's hopes and dreams cannot be adequately nourished. Blackberry (pink) combines spiritual inspiration (white) with vital action in the physical world (red) to specifically address these issues. The result is great energy for clearly and decisively bringing one's ideas to fruition.

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