Monday, May 02, 2011

Go to Tofanellis in Grass Valley!

We promised to spread the word about this: if you ever go to Grass Valley and stay past the weekend, go to Tofanelli's and ask about the Breakfast Special if you don't see it on the menu. It's delicious, it's HUGE, and well worth the $5.95 price. Paul and I split one and couldn't finish it. 
A huge amount of eggs (if you ask for them scrambled), bacon or sausage, hash browns and 2 big fluffy pancakes.
It wasn't advertised anywhere. Paul had an intuition so, even though they're such a fancy place it doesn't look like they'd have a special at all, we went in and asked if they did. It was amazing! And the staff was really nice and attentive with endless cups of coffee. 
Just weekdays though! Weekends you'll have to have choose from an enormous selection of other wonderful-sounding options.

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