Saturday, May 28, 2011

Intuitive Flower Readings

What do the "flowers" have to say about key issues in your growth and development at the current time?

Relationships, career, health, etc -- there's at least one flower essence (see below for more information) that can be used as a guide.

As an experienced spiritual counselor, healer and flower essence practitioner, I've been using flowers as an aid for my emotional, spiritual (and physical) health and well-being for many years. I've always been intuitively guided in the work I do... flower readings are a way for me to give you a taste of what I have to offer in a fun and (I hope) accessible way.


Pick one area of your life you want me to focus on (include a note or a convo when you pay for your reading) or get a more general one (I'll choose). Ask a specific question if you like but stay away from asking for predictions of the future. These readings are best for gaining insight into what holds you back, what will move you forward, what to focus on in healing, etc.

I calm and center myself, call my guidance in, and then dowse for the right flower(s) that most represent what is needed for your highest well-being at the present time.

I write down the guidance I receive and send it to you as a personal email.

Only $15 for one area of focus.

Check the Intuitive Consultation section of my Etsy shop for more details.

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