Thursday, June 23, 2011

Back to the World of Orange and Nasturtium Flower Essence

Hey, big boy! Why don't you put down that book (or that laptop) and come up and see me sometime? Sexy, sassy, unbridled— that's the power of Nasturtium.

When a person spends way too much time up in their heads in intellectual pursuits they deplete themselves physically as well. Remember my earlier post about the color orange being juicy? People's energetic juice can dry up when things get too intellectual, cool and detached.

In the Hindu chakra system different levels of development are associated with different chakras which are located along the spine. The lower chakras are about physical survival, emotional security, procreation, self-will and operating in the physical realm. The upper chakras are about spirituality, intellect, and communication. The middle point between upper and lower is the heart -- associated, as everyone is aware, with love and compassion for oneself and others. In some spiritual traditions there is a tendency to focus almost entirely on the upper chakras but to be healthy it is important that all the chakras be working in balance so that spiritual inspiration can manifest in physical form.

Each chakra has been found to respond to various colors of light and, when healthy, is said to radiate that color frequency of light itself. I don't know what the science is on that but there's a great storehouse of experiential evidence people have been using unconsciously and consciously for millennia. Warm red, orange and sunny yellow are the colors associated with the lower three chakras. Cool violet, indigo and blue with the upper ones.

Flower essences seem to work by encouraging the body to bring forth the energy a person requires at any given time. I believe that a flower's color is a strong indicator of what quality it is bringing forth.

Nasturtium is fiery deep orange and sometimes red. It encourages lower chakra warmth to balance upper chakra coolness, bringing a needed vitality and the ability to more successfully merge intellectual pursuits in a grounded practically physical form. It also helps with sexuality, allowing that juice to flow while relaxing and easing stiffness in the joints and limbs. (There's a reason female sex symbols wear red!) It's good for serious students and others who need to enjoy their bodies and physical life a lot more. It's also beneficial for people who try to think their way through life so much (attempting to control the outcome) that they get stuck and can't just dive in. Nasturtium plants are almost impossible to keep neatly confined. They spread themselves far and wide, rambling and climbing pretty much anywhere they want to go. They're a plant with a bold signature gesture, not shy and retiring little dainty things in the slightest. Use it when you want to bring your sassy inner vixen out to stir things up and keep things lively.

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