Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Just Chillin' in Chico

Here we are in Chico, CA, a place neither of us thought we'd ever be. Me ever, Paul again. Paul went to school here but left for "greener" pastures — not that there's nothing not GREEN about Chico! There are huge lush green trees, plants and vines everywhere you look! That's because there's water here and plenty of it... at least this year. Rivers and streams with abundant flowing water. After several years in the desert where we walked in dry washes all the time and never saw anything that qualified as a river at all, all I can say is "what a concept!"

We're still getting to know what's possible for us here. One thing we've discovered (or rediscovered) is that Chico is the land of CHILL. People know how to relax and have a great time whether it's barbecuing in the backyard or hanging out on the front porch with friends, joining in the fun at the Thursday night or Saturday outdoor markets and street fairs, listening to some great free music on the Plaza on Friday nights or tubing down the Sacramento River.

Inner tubing has become a great tradition in Chico for both students and locals. Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day are big tubing events with thousands of people bringing coolers, floating in the river and spending all day enjoying life at the beach. We've already discovered Scotty's which is where a lot of the festivities begin and/or end. Scotty's is a cafe and bar right on the river's edge. They have live acoustic shows on Sundays when we stopped by and a huge semi-covered porch where you can eat your lunch and watch all the goings on in the water nearby.

We haven't gone inner tubing ourselves yet but it's supposed to get to be about 100 degrees in Chico and stay that way a lot in the summer so renting a tube and going for a ride might just have to be done!

Blatant advertising for new Chico products featuring my artwork comes next. I had fun doing them and someone just included my work on a more generic "Go with the Flow" t-shirt on a River Tubing Squidoo lens. (I'll include one of those below, too.) That was awesome! If you're planning to spend any time "Chillin' in Chico" maybe you'd like one of these, too! (By the way, glass is NOT allowed on the river! Imagine getting out of your tube and stepping on broken glass--not cool! Bring unbreakable plastic for drinking out of and be sure to bring it home at night.)

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Jasmine said...

Thanks for the plug to my Squidoo lens, it's appreciated! :)