Monday, June 06, 2011

Mama Love's New Happiness Gift Box

I recently had a customer special request a gift box with these three flower essence aromatherapy perfumes: Open-Hearted Loving, Comfort and Joy, and Abundant Prosperity. As I was packaging it up I just had the feeling that this was a Happiness Box! What a great gift. So I decided to create one to share with all of you!

My handmade Mama Love healing perfumes combine the emotionally healing properties of flower essences and aromatherapy. They're spiritually-guided and infused with Reiki to bring you the most beneficial products I can make! They're designed to be used like regular perfume but know they are made to aromatherapy standards to be safe enough for more extensive use.

This set comes in a nice see-through top gift box, ready to be wrapped for gift-giving. The set includes 1 dram each of the following three perfumes:


Creating abundance is a fourfold process. We need to release anything holding us back, notice the good we already have, set intentions with focus and clarity and, last but not least, release our worry and fear that it may not come to pass. This special formula is not manifestation magic in a bottle--you still need to do the work--but we all could use a little assistance along the way.

This formula is 100% organic and consists of the following ingredients in a nonalcoholic jojoba oil base:

Essential oils: Lemon, Vetiver
For decongesting stuck energy and cultivating feelings of well-being, light-heartedness, and courage to follow your heart.

Flower essences: Zinnia, California Peony, Iris, Madia
For releasing stuck energy and cultivating feelings of joy, safety, prosperity, and abundance while promoting the creative inspiration and disciplined focus to go after your heart's desire.


My personal favorite for everyday use -- this formula reminds me of hot tea with cinnamon while being cuddled up with friends next to the fire. Enjoying the moment, laughter and fun.

This formula is 100% organic and consists of the following ingredients in a nonalcoholic jojoba oil base:

Essential oils: Cedarwood, Bergamot, Cinnamon
For relieving anxiety and stress, and enjoying feelings of comfort, warmth, relaxation and calm.

Flower essences: Larch, Zinnia, Rock Water
For increased feelings of self-confidence and spontaneity, childlike humor and playfulness, and for increased capacity to flow with events and enjoy them.


Celebrate the power of an open heart with Mama's very own "Love Potion #9. This luscious formula is a true aphrodisiac in the old-fashioned sense -- it's about giving and receiving love. Use it anytime you want to open your heart enough to deepen your connection with other people -- anniversaries, your wedding night, family gatherings, any time!

Unlike a magic potion intended to cast a spell on others, Mama Love perfumes are designed to change how YOU feel but it's also great for couples, too. Try adding a few drops to a shared bath or to a spray bottle filled with water and spray it about your bedroom.

This formula is at least 95% organic and consists of the following ingredients in a nonalcoholic jojoba oil base:

Essential oils: Jasmine, Rose, Lemon, Neroli
For heart-opening and aphrodisiac effects, cultivating a feeling of well-being, light-heartedness and increased self-confidence.

Flower essences: Chamomile, Rock Water, Larch, Walnut, Holly
For releasing tension, allowing for a feeling of flowing receptivity, self-confidence and spontaneous self-expression, freedom from limiting beliefs and past conditioning, open-hearted loving and receiving of love.


All Mama Love perfumes are handmade by me. I shrinkwrap them with a blowdryer and tie them to cards I designed and had printed at a print shop.

This flower essence aromatherapy healing product is intended to be used like an all-natural perfume; however, it is made to strict aromatherapy standards for its emotional effects. You won't impact an entire room like other perfumes. Your body is meant to soak it up and USE it. Like all 100% natural perfumes made without synthetic extenders you will need to reapply it later in the day to renew its scent.

You can find this product in my Mama Love Shop.

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