Thursday, June 30, 2011

More on Wild Rose Flower Essence

In an earlier blog post I wrote about Wild Rose being for people who are so resigned to their fate in life that they'd be "grateful" to be dead. Hence the bow to the Grateful Dead in this flower essence card deck image of mine.

People who were dealt a blow earlier in their lives that they never felt like they recovered from often think like this. "It's fate. I just have to accept it." And when it comes to railing against the wind that makes a certain amount of sense. But people who resign to the extent of just giving up on life need a little help. It's not necessarily that they intend to kill themselves. The Wild Rose type mindset is a little more bleak: they don't have the gumption to even do that! It's a true giving up. An apathy that roots from not believing in the universe to provide what they need, a withdrawal from life, not even willing to try again. If they're in a joyless marriage, they just put up with it. If their job is boring or unsatisfactory they remain stuck in it. And worse, if they are diagnosed with an illness that could become life-threatening they don't fight it.

The experience of Wild Roses is beauty and wonderful fragrance in a sea of thorns. It's about joy in living despite the jagged edges or — another interpretation — despite the desire or need for protection. "I'm grateful to be living!" You would use Wild Rose flower essence to come back to life.

In aromatherapy Rose essential oil is used to ease emotional pain, uplift the senses and heal the heart. I use it in several of my Mama Love formulas— Support for Troubled Times, Open-Hearted Loving, in my PMS, Menopause and Postpartum Support and my Soothing Angry Skin body and massage oils.

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