Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Orange -- the Color of the Sweetness in Life

When the graphic designer in me dressed my Mama Love for Abundant Prosperity flower essence aromatherapy formula in orange it was done deliberately. Just think of the fruit: orange. Does your mouth water a little bit? How about tangerines, peaches, mangoes? Orange is the color of living life juicy.

In the psychology of color, clear bright orange is used for upliftment, to cultivate amusement and a renewed interest in life, and to counteract feelings of self-pity and depression.

Physically, it stimulates the sexual organs and has a strong beneficial effect on our digestion. It also helps the immune system, the adrenals, spleen and pancreas and literally helps the body release excess fluids.

In the Hindu chakra system, orange is associated with the second chakra -- the one approximately located at a woman's uterus. It's the chakra of emotional security, procreation, creativity and relationships. It's also associated with physical prosperity -- literally called a woman's "bread basket" -- perhaps because fertility and bringing forth children was ultimately associated with prosperity in earlier days.

In any case, I always think of orange when I want to lift my spirits up and that's the first step in recognizing the goodness you have in your life already and getting ready to bring more in.

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