Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Whose Hand Is This?!!!

The last four years of Republican stonewalling and holding our government hostage is coming to a head this weekend and I can't help but feel like it's about time! But what does Boehner do as a rebuttal to the assertations that Obama made about this in his latest speech about the debt ceiling talks collapsing? Despite us all watching for four years as the Republicans have played this game he said something to the effect of "Who, me? There's no crisis here. If there's a stonewalling happening in government it has nothing to do with me and the rest of the Republicans in office!"

It reminds me of gropers on the Boston subway system. I used to live near Boston and took the subway to work everyday. At rush hour we would all be packed like sardines in the subway cars and sometimes some pervert would get his kicks molesting any woman he was smashed up against. But if you'd confront them the response was always the same. They'd look around like you were mistaken and make a gesture and say something to the effect of "What are you talkin' about? Are you crazy, woman? What are you lookin' at me for?"

So I developed a better strategy. Any time I felt some pervert's hand at my crotch I didn't confront. I'd grab his hand, hold it above my head and yell: "Whose hand is this?!!! I found it in my crotch!!!!"

I recommend we all start using this approach with the Republican coup being orchestrated right in plain sight. Call them out. Call them to task. Make them squirm and make it impossible for them to get away with it.

A Facebook post is being circulated right now and I think it's just the tip of the iceberg of what a lot of us are feeling:
Repost and then CALL YOUR CONGRESSMAN if you agree: Entitlement? I've PAID CASH for my Social Security insurance! Our benefits aren't some kind of charity or handout! Congressional benefits--premium Federal health care, outrageous retirement packages, 67 paid holidays, three weeks paid vacation, unlimited paid sick days--now THAT'S welfare!
We have paid for the benefits the Republicans want to get rid of. It's been deducted out of every one of our paychecks our entire lives.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Focussed Attention to Put Manifestation in Action?

I'm packaging up an order for one of my wholesale accounts today and found myself musing about why it seemed so unusual. The bulk of the order was for "Releasing Worry and Fear" and "Focussed Attention." Releasing Worry and Fear is no surprise—that's always on everyone's list. It's my bestseller. But what's interesting about the request for "Focussed Attention" is that previous orders from this customer always included unusual amounts of "Manifesting Life Purpose" and that one wasn't on the list this time. "Focussed Attention" appeared in its place.

So it's just conjecture but is it possible that the people who used to buy "Manifesting Life Purpose" over and over have shifted into needing different kinds of support? I'd guess that's true because look at what's in my "Focussed Attention" formula:

Madia for focus and concentration
Peppermint for mental alertness and clarity
Shasta Daisy for synthesis of creative vision
Blackberry for the will to bring one's ideals into reality

"Manifesting Life Purpose" is about helping you remember what that life purpose is and beginning to take your first steps in that direction. But "Focussed Attention" is for when you're going for it all the way and need to stay on the trail.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Gorgeous Sunset in Santa Cruz

Paul put one of his older photographs up on Zazzle today to make it available as framed or unframed print or print on canvas. I really love this one.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

New Art in My Mama Love Etsy Shop

I'm starting to add artwork from the flower essence Tarot deck I've been working on to my Etsy shop. Today's card is for Borage, the flower for encouragement and upliftment. I use it in my brand new flower essence aromatherapy body, bath and massage oil, Soothing Angry Skin, because the anger and frustration that stems from discouragement can be a factor in upset skin.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Angel's Trumpet for Faith Through Hard Transitions

Deepak Chopra put this quote up today on his Facebook page: All fear is ultimately the fear of mortality in disguise –-the fear of change. Coincidentally, I just posted this image for Angel's Trumpet on Etsy from the flower essence Tarot deck I'm creating. It's the flower for spiritual surrender to the power of the Universe to hold you through intense transitions. People use it to ease a person's passage into death but it's equally applicable to resurrection within any stressful transition where CHANGE is the hardest thing you face.

Sometimes in times of great crisis it helps to remember to surrender -- to let go, let God. Letting go of your old life, your old patterns of being, can allow you to rise up and be born anew.

I've made this image available to be used like a visual affirmation to remind you to allow God / the Universe / Angelic Helpers / your Higher Self to take the reigns and assist you to live the new life that's waiting for you. Or just enjoy it for the fun of it! I'll send you a signed print I made myself if you buy it through Etsy. You can also find it on a greeting card, mug, t-shirts and all kind of other stuff through my Zazzle shop.

Spiritual Counseling and Healing Services You CAN Afford!

Paul and I have specials right now on our spiritual counseling and healing services. To help us get re-established in a new town EVERYONE has the opportunity to work with us at the bottom of our sliding scale regardless of income as many times as you like. This applies to phone sessions ANYWHERE in the world. We also offer short email tastes of what we do very inexpensively. http://www.healingcommunicatio​n.com/

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Larch is For Optimism and Self-Confidence

A reader of our last newsletter, about the value of failure and the possibilities that come from it, asked if I could write about flower essences in that same context. Now of course, it matters quite a bit whether we're talking about a "failure" about to happen (OMG!), one in the process of happening (OMG! OMG! OMG!), or the aftermath when you're looking at the rubble and trying to figure out how to pick up the pieces again.

For those OMG (oh my God) moments, nothing really beats Rescue Remedy. It helps you come back down into your body when you're jumping out of your skin, calm down, and get grounded so you can be with what's happening and respond appropriately.

But that's not really what that article was all about. That article was about the aftermath of a disaster, when what you once counted on and maybe even took for granted is gone. How do you rise again and create what you need to move on?

I've been musing on this a little on and off for a few days now when David Spangler's latest email newsletter landed in my in-box. In it he talked about Hope with a big "H". There are people in the Zen Buddhist community spreading the idea that "hope" is a dirty word, that it takes you away from the reality of what's really happening in the present moment. I can understand the impulse behind that—being with the reality of what's happening in the present does seem like a good idea. But this notion of hope being counter to spirituality has always rubbed me the wrong way. Apparently, it bothers David Spangler, too.

First he quoted Paul Gilding, former head of Greenpeace International and author of The Great Disruption: “Hope is not a question of personal philosophy. In the face of uncertainty, operating from a stance of hope is a strategic and practical response. It is a way of approaching the world. As environmental writer Professor David Orr said of it, “Hope is a verb with its sleeves rolled up.””

Then Spangler goes on to say this: "In my language, hope opens doors that despair closes. Hope feeds the fires of imagination that despair dampens. Frankly, a “realistic” acceptance of “the way things are” rarely creates change or benefits humanity. The blessings of our world would not exist were it not for the power of hope which leads people to dare the unknown and make choices that open possibilities and explore potentials."

Hell, yeah! I agree. So I decided to look at what flower essence most embodies this sense of "we can do it!"—the tapping into hope and optimism for a positive outcome. And Larch is what came to mind.

Larch is for those whose self-confidence has been shaken to the core, for those who fear the future, who fear the worst is the most likely outcome, for those who expect failure to be the end result of any further effort they put in. That's not the way to get up again and create a happy future. But the desire to keep from failing again and feeling the humiliation and lack of self-esteem this failure engendered has to be worked with somehow.

Somebody famous or not so famous who gets quoted a lot these days said: "Failing is only defeat if you don't stand back up." Larch is the flower essence I'd most recommend to help people do it. I use it in several of my flower essence aromatherapy formulas: Releasing Worry and FearComfort and Joy, and Open-Hearted Loving. And oh yeah! Doing New Things with Confidence! How could I have forgotten that?!!!

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Surfer Shoes

Fun design inspired by life at the beach in Santa Cruz, CA.

Monday, July 04, 2011

Backyard Musing

I'm sitting in the backyard of the tiny studio cottage we're renting in Chico, CA. It was 100 degrees or more today but I find it surprisingly comforting to sit in these kinds of temperatures -- in the shade, of course! Reminiscent of childhood memories of Massachusetts, perhaps, where the temperatures tend to stay below 100 degrees but the humidity is SO high you're drenched in sweat instantly when you go out and never get dry. It's like being in a sweatbath there, the air so thick with pollen and humidity it can be hard to breathe. We always lived within 20 minutes of the ocean so that's where we went to get relief. Plus there was a very nice lake in the center of town. I remember spending practically every day there in my youth. Shade in Chico feels very much the same. Enough humidity to let my hair curl and to evoke those earlier days but not so much that I can't enjoy it (at least not yet). To make the sensation even more complete an ice cream truck is driving by right now playing an old song musicbox style to draw the neighborhood children out. Love it! It's perfect.

The experience is bringing up feelings that it is perhaps high time I let myself have. I don't feel like doing anything. I have a very long list of things I think I ought to do: a book to write, another in the hopper but needing editing and then formatting in a computer format I don't look forward to working in, Mama Love perfume to restock and God knows how many tasks to do to market the stuff... none of which has led to guaranteed and continuous success in the past. (Sometimes the efforts pay off, frequently they have not.) Don't get me wrong: I love the freedom to be my own boss that self-employment involves. I have NO problem generating endless ways to occupy every minute of my day... but what I miss is the opportunity to get up, go to work, KNOW I'm going to get paid, and then come home knowing my duties are over if I want them to be. I can put my feet up, read a good book (what's a book?) and not feel guilty.

Whenever I have been employed I always love it. It's such a relief it feels like a vacation. Literally. A vacation to work 40 hours a week. My biggest hassle ever has been getting bored on the job—getting my work done way before it's time to go home and knowing that the pay-off for taking on more work is just that. More work that then becomes my responsibility whether I continue to get the job done easily or not and without additional payment besides. It's the employee mindset that comes in. Why should I work twice as hard when the pay-off is no pay-off? The same thing as when I'm self-employed except for in that circumstance when I succeed money will come to me and the extra work I take is something I want to be doing.

Now don't get me wrong about this either! I'm actually usually "Employee of the Week." I hate being bored. I hate not doing a good job... no, make that a kick-ass, my bosses can't believe what they're getting for the money, kind of job. But eventually, if that doesn't lead to improvement in my bottom line.... I start wishing I was using the time I save by being efficient to do something else of my own design and that never meshes with what I do on my day job.

Imagine if I could be paid extra on my regular job to do something that makes my heart sing: intuitive consultation, spiritual direction, flower essence aromatherapy formulation, taking pictures, doing artwork, writing about the same. Wow! What a day job life that would be! It wouldn't be a "day job" at all. It would be more than enough.

And then I could go home, put my feet up and read a book just for fun. I could grow flowers in my garden, do crafts just because I want to, or do nothing at all. What a life that would be.