Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Angel's Trumpet for Faith Through Hard Transitions

Deepak Chopra put this quote up today on his Facebook page: All fear is ultimately the fear of mortality in disguise –-the fear of change. Coincidentally, I just posted this image for Angel's Trumpet on Etsy from the flower essence Tarot deck I'm creating. It's the flower for spiritual surrender to the power of the Universe to hold you through intense transitions. People use it to ease a person's passage into death but it's equally applicable to resurrection within any stressful transition where CHANGE is the hardest thing you face.

Sometimes in times of great crisis it helps to remember to surrender -- to let go, let God. Letting go of your old life, your old patterns of being, can allow you to rise up and be born anew.

I've made this image available to be used like a visual affirmation to remind you to allow God / the Universe / Angelic Helpers / your Higher Self to take the reigns and assist you to live the new life that's waiting for you. Or just enjoy it for the fun of it! I'll send you a signed print I made myself if you buy it through Etsy. You can also find it on a greeting card, mug, t-shirts and all kind of other stuff through my Zazzle shop.

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