Monday, July 25, 2011

Focussed Attention to Put Manifestation in Action?

I'm packaging up an order for one of my wholesale accounts today and found myself musing about why it seemed so unusual. The bulk of the order was for "Releasing Worry and Fear" and "Focussed Attention." Releasing Worry and Fear is no surprise—that's always on everyone's list. It's my bestseller. But what's interesting about the request for "Focussed Attention" is that previous orders from this customer always included unusual amounts of "Manifesting Life Purpose" and that one wasn't on the list this time. "Focussed Attention" appeared in its place.

So it's just conjecture but is it possible that the people who used to buy "Manifesting Life Purpose" over and over have shifted into needing different kinds of support? I'd guess that's true because look at what's in my "Focussed Attention" formula:

Madia for focus and concentration
Peppermint for mental alertness and clarity
Shasta Daisy for synthesis of creative vision
Blackberry for the will to bring one's ideals into reality

"Manifesting Life Purpose" is about helping you remember what that life purpose is and beginning to take your first steps in that direction. But "Focussed Attention" is for when you're going for it all the way and need to stay on the trail.

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