Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Buddha of the Painted Kaleidoscope

Being present with all this colorful existence isn't always easy, especially when we see riots breaking out in Great Britain and know, deep down, that the conditions that led to this situation are mirrored in our own political situation.

I read a blog tonight by someone who lives in London. She said the young people being interviewed are saying similar things: there was a peaceful march of 2000 people and nobody reported on it. But now everybody is being interviewed. Despite the horror, the whole world is noticing the problem now!

And what's the underlying problem from this blogger's point of view? Grinding depression-era economic conditions while the wealthiest 3% (in that country) reap the benefits. What does the destruction do? Nothing. Except wake people up to the power of what people who are united in a common misery can do. Imagine if they were to march on Washington and demand that the circus in this country come to an end. Imagine if we all do.

Buddha of the Painted Kaleidoscope: Mirrors reflecting mirrors, refracting reality and slicing it back into a myriad of colorful patterns and designs.

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