Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mind / Body / Spirit -- It's All One

As a flower essence aromatherapy product maker it's easy to mislead people into thinking that essential oils, herbal remedies and homeopathic remedies are "drug" therapy. Natural ones but still an activity chosen to enact a change without required conscious participation in the cure. "One pill makes you smaller..." You know, that kind of thing.

And yet everything has an effect on our mind/body/spirit. Just think: did you see a butterfly or a beautiful bird or rainbow recently? Did you feel better just seeing it? OMG! A temporary cure for depression! And, in fact, if you chose to test your biochemistry on that level you could detect tiny levels of biochemical compounds that DO affect brain chemistry on a positive level released into your bloodstream just because you had a temporary upliftment in thought. Seeing butterflies, pretty birds and rainbows must be drug therapy! But that's not how it works. Even the FDA wouldn't attempt to regulate it.

Health is the interplay of what we think divisively as Mind / Body / Spirit. It's not divisible but just focusing a bit on one aspect of that whole will always affect change in the others.

  • Get enough rest, exercise, fresh air and sunshine, eat properly for your type (not everyone should eat meat, some people need some) and, more likely than not, you won't be depressed.
  • Or work directly on the emotional aspects of depression and any beliefs behind that (the Mind part), and you'll want to eat healthier, get fresh air and exercise, have more time for friends, etc. All the things that come naturally to any young child free of pain and suffering! One affects the other and the whole gets happier and more resilient as a result.
When someone comes to Paul and/or me for spiritual counseling attention with a tendency to depression I always recommend beginning with all of the above! Work with the underlying beliefs installed in childhood AND walk, get fresh air and sunshine, etc.

As for flower essence aromatherapy... natural elements of specific flowering plants lift us up, make us feel good, and shift the functioning of our natural biochemistry to aid us in a multiple of ways. The brain responds to the input as it does with everything we ingest -- whether that's food, drink, what's on TV, what our best friend happened to say, and all the rest. In the case of flower essence therapy the active constituents of the flower essences themselves are too minute to do anything except sub-atomically. It inspires the body/mind to release what no longer fits in relationship to what it has received. The old negative holding doesn't fit with the new input coming in—the body/mind naturally releases it. When you have the right fit -- that's where professional input comes in (from me, of course) -- the formula can act like a healing balm and the body/mind/spirit heals itself.

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