Thursday, October 27, 2011

Trying Out the Handmadeology Brand Exercise for Mama Love Flower Essence Aromatherapy

Handmadeology is a craft professional's blog offering tips and suggestions for having a successful business. Today they asked people to consider how they would define themselves if they took away every specific product in their shop. They listed three phrases to get started and something in it appealed to me. The phrases are:

•My single most important intention for having this business is…(this is your mission)

 •My secret personality quirks are…(hint: these are those things about you that seem to come up often in a conversation or you find friends calling on you for)

 •Describe a time in your business when you felt the most alive or vibrant…

Okay, here it goes. 

My single most important intention for having this business is wanting to bring relatively low cost, powerful, safe and effective tools to people for their health and well-being with a specific focus on how mental and spiritual attitude affects the emotional and physical. I don't believe this is ALL health is about. I think diet and exercise and not getting hit by cars or flying projectiles at peaceful demonstrations helps, too! But I have found enormous benefits from working on the emotional and mental levels for my physical well-being at times in my life when I couldn't afford the typical and ineffective medical approaches to the same problems. Even doctors say that as much as 90% of the concerns people see them for are caused by or exacerbated by stress. And studies show that people with a strong spiritual focus don't get sick as often and recover quicker when they do. So that's what my Mama Love business is all about.

My secret personality quirks are… hmm, are they really so secret? Friends call on me the most for listening and advice. And not just (or even typically) psychic/intuitive advice! Long before I was willing to come out of the closet about that one, I was the person in any setting people turned to to get help and clarity about things bothering them. So it's a natural tie-in to my flower essence aromatherapy work to offer healing sessions and flower essence consultation, too.
     Another quirk coming out strongly these days is a political one. Call it the Libran Sword of Justice (I'm an October baby) but I really get steamed about anything that interferes with the health and well-being of the planet and its inhabitants. The soaring cost of medical care, combined with a very poorly regulated insurance industry, is a big part of the bankrupting of America. Add insult to injury by attempting to over-regulate traditional herbal remedies and methods people have used to take care of themselves for hundreds of years and you have one very pissed off Mama Love! If something should happen where flower essence and aromatherapy products come under the gun, my brand would not be affected because I would switch to educating people as to how to grow their own medicine chest and make use of it safely and effectively in their own backyard. (And I'm not talking about marijuana here either -- I'm not a user... although... what's wrong with using it for healing is beyond me!)

Describe a time in your business when you felt the most alive or vibrant… sigh! Alright. Before I started my business I was writing a book about flower essences and developing ways to help people learn to use them effectively (including a flower essence self-awareness deck that I still haven't finished). Then I got all caught up in "making a living" and all my focus turned to marketing. I grew my business to the point of having my products in more than a dozen stores across the country and had dreams of being the Bert's Bees of flower essence therapy. Then the recession hit and that was all she wrote. Half my wholesale accounts went out of business. The other half cut way back and I'm pretty much back where I started only worse because now my day job barely pays my rent.

I know from a lot of experience that attempting to make a living as a writer pretty much sucks (financially) unless you somehow win the jackpot so going back to the idea of writing a book and such is a bit demoralizing. But I'll be thinking about the possibilities.

Good exercise to get me thinking today!

By the way the name of my Etsy shop has recently changed. It's no longer MamaLovePerfume. Instead it's MamaLoveHealing which more accurately reflects what I do.

My main website, Mama Love Products, remains the same.

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