Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Waking Up in the Great Recession Mormon Desert is on the Nook

Our book is on the Nook! That's an eReader from Barnes and Noble. It looks good there, too. I REALLY appreciated that their interface allowed me to see what the ebook might look like on their eReaders before I approved it for sale. No such luck on the Kindle! But it's great that it's there, too.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mind / Body / Spirit -- It's All One

As a flower essence aromatherapy product maker it's easy to mislead people into thinking that essential oils, herbal remedies and homeopathic remedies are "drug" therapy. Natural ones but still an activity chosen to enact a change without required conscious participation in the cure. "One pill makes you smaller..." You know, that kind of thing.

And yet everything has an effect on our mind/body/spirit. Just think: did you see a butterfly or a beautiful bird or rainbow recently? Did you feel better just seeing it? OMG! A temporary cure for depression! And, in fact, if you chose to test your biochemistry on that level you could detect tiny levels of biochemical compounds that DO affect brain chemistry on a positive level released into your bloodstream just because you had a temporary upliftment in thought. Seeing butterflies, pretty birds and rainbows must be drug therapy! But that's not how it works. Even the FDA wouldn't attempt to regulate it.

Health is the interplay of what we think divisively as Mind / Body / Spirit. It's not divisible but just focusing a bit on one aspect of that whole will always affect change in the others.

  • Get enough rest, exercise, fresh air and sunshine, eat properly for your type (not everyone should eat meat, some people need some) and, more likely than not, you won't be depressed.
  • Or work directly on the emotional aspects of depression and any beliefs behind that (the Mind part), and you'll want to eat healthier, get fresh air and exercise, have more time for friends, etc. All the things that come naturally to any young child free of pain and suffering! One affects the other and the whole gets happier and more resilient as a result.
When someone comes to Paul and/or me for spiritual counseling attention with a tendency to depression I always recommend beginning with all of the above! Work with the underlying beliefs installed in childhood AND walk, get fresh air and sunshine, etc.

As for flower essence aromatherapy... natural elements of specific flowering plants lift us up, make us feel good, and shift the functioning of our natural biochemistry to aid us in a multiple of ways. The brain responds to the input as it does with everything we ingest -- whether that's food, drink, what's on TV, what our best friend happened to say, and all the rest. In the case of flower essence therapy the active constituents of the flower essences themselves are too minute to do anything except sub-atomically. It inspires the body/mind to release what no longer fits in relationship to what it has received. The old negative holding doesn't fit with the new input coming in—the body/mind naturally releases it. When you have the right fit -- that's where professional input comes in (from me, of course) -- the formula can act like a healing balm and the body/mind/spirit heals itself.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

New Artist-Designed Shoes

Wear the weeds! High-tops featuring my illustration "Multicolor Weeds" - inspiration from the backyard.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Buddha of the Painted Kaleidoscope

Being present with all this colorful existence isn't always easy, especially when we see riots breaking out in Great Britain and know, deep down, that the conditions that led to this situation are mirrored in our own political situation.

I read a blog tonight by someone who lives in London. She said the young people being interviewed are saying similar things: there was a peaceful march of 2000 people and nobody reported on it. But now everybody is being interviewed. Despite the horror, the whole world is noticing the problem now!

And what's the underlying problem from this blogger's point of view? Grinding depression-era economic conditions while the wealthiest 3% (in that country) reap the benefits. What does the destruction do? Nothing. Except wake people up to the power of what people who are united in a common misery can do. Imagine if they were to march on Washington and demand that the circus in this country come to an end. Imagine if we all do.

Buddha of the Painted Kaleidoscope: Mirrors reflecting mirrors, refracting reality and slicing it back into a myriad of colorful patterns and designs.

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Spiritual Counseling and Healing with Psychic Insights in Chico, CA

We're here! In Chico, CA and ready to meet you! Take advantage of our limited time introductory offer and work with one or both of us at the bottom of our very reasonable sliding scale.

We do a special brand of spiritual counseling and healing work combining spiritual guidance and psychic insights with one-on-one teaching, more conventional counseling techniques, hands-on or off-the-body energy healing, guided visualizations and exercises to take the work further on your own. It’s an interactive experience rather than a conventional treatment or psychic reading, appropriate for couples as well as individuals.

Find out more and set up your session today!

Friday, August 05, 2011

Help Promote Our Book (Please)

It Takes a Village to Get the Word Out About a Self-Published Book

And we could use your help. Maybe you're not interested in this book but certainly there are a few people on your list, in your book clubs, or in your communities who would be. Tell them, would you? Send them to this link. 

Who Would Be Most Interested?
  • Memoir lovers, and lovers of true-life adventures.
  • People curious about us.
  • People who love storytelling mixed with humor and philosophy.
  • Self-employed people.
  • Artists and writers.
  • Alternative health practitioners.
  • Gays and lesbians, their allies, people who support gay rights.
  • Santa Cruz folks, Californians, people from Arizona.
  • People making community online, marketing their goods and services online, or those attempting it.
  • People who care about community, love, peace, and social justice.
  • People concerned about the horribly polarized political scene, and what might shift things.
  • People living through their own Great Recession sagas.
  • Spiritual but not religious folks, New Age thinkers, meditators, Hindus, Pagans, Buddhists, progressive Christians, Jews, Mormons and anyone who cares about freedom of religion (or freedom not to have one).
  • People who still care about life purpose and wanting to contribute to the highest good of all concerned.

NEW BOOK: Waking Up In the Great Recession Mormon Desert

Paul and I have a new book out. It's called WAKING UP IN THE GREAT RECESSION MORMON DESERT and we'd like you all to have one. This has been a long time in the making but we think it's worth it and the great people who reviewed an advance copy of it seem to agree. For example, David Spangler who was the previous director of Findhorn and has sometimes been called the father of the New Age movement had this to say:

This book is a winner. It has everything a good book should have: suspense, excitement, pathos, joy, laughter—-lots of laughter—and great characters you care about and can genuinely root for! And it's non-fiction! But what it has most is love and wisdom. Profound, heart-opening love and wisdom. It is hands down one of the best books on spirituality and its role in meeting the challenges of our time that I have read. And did I say that it's funny, too? Be good to yourself and read this book. Be good to your friends and buy them a copy. ~ David Spangler, author of FACING THE FUTURE and SUBTLE WORLDS: AN EXPLORER'S FIELD NOTES.

We're the "great characters", by the way. The book is a memoir and it follows our path from our original home in the beautiful New Age, ultra-progressive town of Santa Cruz, CA to a predominantly ultra-conservative Republican Mormon community in the eastern Arizona high desert. The timing is immediately after the election of Barack Obama and the passage of Proposition 8 (the law repealing gay marriage in California). The result is at turns poignant and funny and eventually leads to a spiritual wake-up call that shows the importance of connecting the political and the personal in our task of developing spiritually on the planet.

Read more about it and get your copy here.

It's available as an inexpensive instant pdf download or as an autographed physical book, both directly from us. It is also available on the Kindle and soon other places as well.