Monday, February 20, 2012

Ah! Finally! A Good Night's Sleep

I had been sick and worried about it and, true to my nature, I just couldn't sleep. Tried any number of things, didn't like the side effects, and then decided to double down with my own Restful Sleep formula. Frequently when insomnia gets to be a long term habit, as was true for me, using a little Restful Sleep formula just before bed isn't enough. It's the exact opposite of what you'd do with a heavy duty tranquilizer but when using flower essences and aromatherapy it makes a lot of sense to use it two or three days in a row twice a night.

I put some on about three hours or so before I would typically go to bed and felt the relaxing effects right away. I tend to run a line of the oil all the way up and down the center line of my body on the back and front, add a little extra to my solar plexus (I hold a lot of extra tension there) and rubbed the oil left on my hands on my legs. This formula is very grounding and serves to bring energy bound up in worry and thinking too much "down to earth". You just feel the tension drain away. For me, it literally feels like energy I'm holding higher in my body moves down into the ground.

Unfortunately, the first night I felt all these things but still didn't sleep very well. So I did it again the next night and things greatly improved! I had a little trouble falling asleep but within a relatively short time I drifted off and slept all night long. The next night... total success! I'll be keeping it up until the tendency to keep myself awake with excessive thinking is gone. That means I'll use it nightly until I forget to use it and sleep anyway. (You may prefer to do something more disciplined but it works for me!)

I recommend the 2 oz. massage/body/bath oil size at the bottom of this page. It's the most economical option. And getting a massage and pouring a little in the bath is a great way to get in the mood for a good night's sleep!

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