Saturday, March 31, 2012

Flower Essence Aromatherapy for Overly Empathic People

One of the issues Paul and I help people with in our practice is one of being overly sensitive to other people's feelings. Someone asked today if I made a flower essence aromatherapy formula appropriate for that. Yes! Yes, I do... it's called Mama Love for Inner Strength and Protection.

I originally designed this formula for family caregivers and others who got so wrapped up in caring for other people that they forgot to care for themselves. I called it Mama Love for Balanced Caregiving. But even though it's very effective it hardly ever sold. Talk about attempting to market a little known niche product to a very narrowly focused market! At a certain point I needed to expand what I thought this formula was about.

So I tried again and gave it a new name related to battling codependency. It did better. Apparently Alcoholics Anonymous has done a good enough job with that label but it still wasn't a big hit and, honestly, it was still not a complete enough description.

So I tried again. How does this formula make me feel? Solid, less vulnerable, able to hold my own... okay, let's try "Inner Strength and Protection." It's not just about codependency anymore or about excessive caretaking... it's good for sensitive personalities, empathic people, people who spend too much time with people who hammer at their feeling of inner sanctity. You know those well-meaning people who "only have your best interests at heart" but never fail to make you feel inferior, or who fill your head with so many well-meaning suggestions, worries and concerns that you can't figure out what you think anymore. Or those who require (or demand) so much of your attention that you're thinking about them all the time.

Or maybe it's just because you're tired, run down and need a stronger inner core of protection. I recently was diagnosed with severe anemia and am taking supplemental iron which has helped quite a bit. But before I found out about that I literally felt so vulnerable to other people that I was overly sensitive to anyone's bad mood or negative attitude and could not stand to be touched. Imagine that everyone has an energetic shield, an ability to roll with the punches, to maintain a decent attitude even when others do not. Being sick and run down can tear that energetic barrier down. The Yarrow in this very powerful formula helps rebuild that energetic shield and keeps it up.

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