Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Future So Bright

Buy this print directly from me through my Etsy shop.

I've been an artist in one way or another since childhood. My mom was a frustrated artist — a child prodigy who put her art aside to be the best mom she could figure out to be. She never went back to it for her own sake but she taught every one of her children to love art and crafts and spent many a weekend introducing us to every artform she could think of or came across in a magazine.

I continue to work in a wide variety of media, dabbling in almost anything I get my hands on. I'm gravitating more right now to acrylic paint, colored pencil, powdered pigments, pen and ink, handmade and decorated papers, and digital photography—but I started my art career as a graphic designer and still love combining text with graphics and my original digitally enhanced whimsical illustrations. I recently realized that I've developed two completely different styles and opened a new Etsy shop to migrate over my most graphic art-related pieces along with graphic works by my life partner Paul Hood and things we've done together. It's called "FutureSoBright" after the old song "The Future's So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades." Kind of an intention-setting device and affirmation for me to take in whenever I add something to the page.

Paul and I continue to sell our photographs, paintings and mixed media work at http:PaulnSherylArt.etsy.com. The newest thing I've added there lately is my first mini mixed media painting of the Buddha shown below. It's done on 8" x 10" stretched canvas with the black and gold "frame" painted right into the picture and on the sides which makes it ready to hang as soon as you receive it.

Buy this original painting directly from me through my other Etsy shop!

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