Monday, April 23, 2012

Pastel Painting -- High Desert Sage

© Copyright 2012 Sheryl Karas
Several weeks ago I brought home a set of pastel pencils. I've been wanting to try pastels since our trip to Santa Fe a few years ago when I saw a very large abstract painting without framing that was done with them. I didn't know you could hang a pastel without glass. My experience with them so far further makes me suspicious of it—they're basically highly colored chalk — but the effect for that artist was really wonderful.

I did my first piece this week. It's this impressionistic abstract of desert sage blowing in the wind with a red sand background. The plants are very feathery in person so it seemed like a perfect subject matter for the medium. heh-heh-heh.... a very complex one!

I like the results here on the computer. The colors look luminous backlit from behind but on the paper I chose I really couldn't get my first try as bright as I would like. I will have to try again with another kind of process. Sanded paper holds pastels better. Perhaps blowing my work up big, printing it out and adding additional strokes on top. We'll see...

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