Monday, May 07, 2012

The First Step Is To Dream — Don Quixote Woodcut-Style Print

© Copyright 2012 Sheryl Karas
The reposting of this image caused a fair bit of consternation. After all, Don Quixote did not actually aspire to tilting at windmills towards the end of his life. He regretted what he had done and all the trouble he had caused his friends. And at a certain point in our personal journey Paul and I saw Don Quixote everywhere and took it as an "impossible dream" fantasy warning — not to be so caught up in chasing the dream that we get hurt in the present day.

And yet in the book Sancho Panza begs his friend to take up the battle again at the end of life—his inspiration and enthusiasm meant more than the pain and suffering. So rather than throw this image I did a few years ago away I started to think about it again more benignly. The first step in any adventure / business plan / positive direction IS to dream, to believe that what once might have seemed out of the realm of possibility IS a potential just beckoning to be fulfilled. You just need to take care of the present day requirements as you sally forth.

This version of my Don Quixote design is now available as a print directly from me and Paul. Frame one and enjoy it on your wall!

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