Thursday, June 21, 2012

Which Mama Love Formula Should I Use?

Sometimes people write to me with great confusion about what Mama Love product to use for the simple reason that they sense that their healing project is multi-phase. They wake up one morning and realize that HAVE to get old distress that's been holding them down out of the way. But then what will they do without that excuse anymore? Will they be forced to tackle something new, something they've been too afraid to do for a long time? So the questions begin: "I think I ought to do this, but maybe I ought to deal with THIS first! But then, what about THIS? And what about THAT -- maybe I need to do that one first. I have SO many issues!"

We all do. But since so many aspects of a person's existence ARE tied together just pick one. All the related issues will fall into place to be dealt with one by one.

Yeah, yeah I know. Pick ONE? That's the problem. Which one?

It doesn't matter but what DOES matter is to get started. I always suggest beginning with your first thought when asking the question: where's the most important place to begin right now? It doesn't matter what your 2nd or 3rd thoughts are. The 1st thought is the starting block.

A common scenario for many people right now has to do with picking up the pieces after a trauma. Maybe you've been body slammed by major loss— unemployment, foreclosure, death, serious illness. You'll, of course, need to make use of whatever help and tools you can but the emotional flattening can often be worse than the actual reality (which is bad enough). If you're dealing with deep despair, shock, grief and pain and saying or thinking things like "How will I cope? How can I go on?" that's the time for Mama Love Support for Troubled Times. It provides a deep soothing relief that feels like being held safe in a loving mother's arms.

If the trauma is interfering with sleep  or accompanied by terror you will probably want to add Releasing Worry and Fear and/or Restful Sleep. The most important thing—before moving into what you're going to do next—is to work with the feelings that are right in your face. When you've released enough of that your ability to think clearly should eventually return.

Now you're ready to get back on your feet again and you're determined to do so but the doors are being slammed in your face no matter what you do. Maybe your job has been made obsolete by digital or internet technology. Maybe you've been out of the market too long or you have to make some other change but you don't know what. Again, gather all your resources (perhaps get a few spiritual counseling sessions). And if you still want flower essence aromatherapy support consider Manifesting Life Purpose. It helps stimulate the imagination and increase mental clarity and, when you're fully inspired, assists in pursuing your new direction (or re-imagined old one) with purpose and enthusiasm. And if you have to do something new and you're feeling concerned? Try Doing New Things with Confidence.

What? Now that your new career is underway, you wish you had a boyfriend? There's a Mama Love "app" for that. And when you've already got a wonderful guy, celebrate your relationship with some Open-Hearted Loving or relax with Comfort and Joy.

There's a Mama Love formula for all kinds of things but if you really can't pick one, set up a spiritual counseling session with me or with me and my partner Paul. We can explore the issues together and help you chart a better course. If you want, I can create a custom formula based on what we discover. And/or you might choose to use our assistance to support your journey and work with what comes up every step of the way.