Thursday, July 05, 2012

Being a Flower Essence Product Maker

One of the things I like most about creating my Mama Love flower essence aromatherapy formulas is the alchemy involved in putting together just the right combination of ingredients for each one. It could be easy: I could add one flower essence known for a specific purpose to one essential oil known for a similar purpose and be done with it. But that's not what I'm all about.

When I created my very first formula I was going through a very rough time, going through a divorce, losing a long time home, and found myself crying all the time. I asked for guidance as to what flower essences and essential oils to use, checked it with book learning, gave it try and found it incredibly effective. I shared the story of that particular experience in this video.

It was inspiring to me. I wanted to help other people with it. And so Mama Love Products was born.

Every Mama Love product is created in a similar fashion. I choose a life issue I think might be helpful to people usually from my own life experience but sometimes also by request. I ask for guidance, combine it with book learning and increasingly my own experience, test it on myself and other people, and when I'm satisfied put it out. What's interesting to me in the process is how my guidance expands my understanding of what underlying issues may be most at play and, therefore, what ingredients would be most effective.

For example, I recently reintroduced Mama Love for Renewed Faith & Optimism, a personal favorite that links ingredients for relieving depression with those for increased patience and a playful spirit. I wouldn't have put those together on my own! "Patience? What's that in there for?" I once thought. But I realized as time went on how much my own sense of discouragement was affected by my impatience and frustration not to be able to see things move as fast as they once did before the Great Recession. It's one thing to maintain confidence and stick-to-itiveness when things are happening; it's quite another thing to do so when spending has slowed down, business owners are more cautious, and you and your products are still relatively unknown. Optimism requires patience, yes indeed.

What I have to offer is unique in the business. I intentionally wanted to create a product line that smells as nice as a decent all-natural perfume. In addition to choosing essential oils for aromatherapy purposes to complement the flower essences I use I think and design like a perfumer. Once I choose appropriate oils I narrow the choices to those that create a wonderfully sensual experience of great base, middle and top notes. But, unlike an actual perfume, it's made to aromatherapy standards so it's safe to use liberally two or three times a day.

I made them for me! And I love using them. But I also love that other people are enjoying them, too.

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