Sunday, July 22, 2012

Needing Rest and Relaxation -- Aloe Vera Flower Essence Art

This was me last night—literally asleep at the computer after too long a day of working on art for my Mama Love flower essence shop. I'm turning images I've been doing for a flower essence Tarot deck into greeting cards and making them available as prints. But there are at least 40-50 of them ready now and 30-40 more in the works plus selling them on the internet means I'm also needing to create a web page with Paypal buttons for each one! I spent hours getting 5 ready to be online and 3 actually up this week. Obviously this is a very long term project. How long? I actually had one of those Blueberry Macs when I started drawing the deck! (I work on a laptop now.)

This is the image for Aloe Vera, the flower essence you might use if you're prone to burning the candle at both ends. You can find prints and greeting cards with this image in my Mama Love Print Shop now!

Prices include shipping — sigh! I forgot to say that...another thing I need to add to those pages now.

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