Sunday, August 12, 2012

Aloe Vera Flower Essence for Balance

Another image you've probably seen here recently -- Aloe Vera, the flower essence for those who need to balance workaholic tendencies with rest and relaxation. It's an essence I frequently need but almost never take the time to use. Yep, that describes the kinds of issues an Aloe person has to a tee.

Aloe is best-known for its rejuvenating qualities.  When the plant has adequate water it repairs its own broken or shriveled leaves almost immediately. Medicinally, Aloe is a fast-acting treatment for burns and inflammation. It helps heal peptic ulcers, colitis and other digestive disorders and acts as a tonic for the liver.

Aloe is a large succulent plant indigenous to the hot dry climate of East and South Africa. The long yellow tubular flowers opening to create an elongated bell-like shape hang down in clumps from an erect central spike. The flowers lower on the stem droop dramatically as they open towards the earth. Symbolically, one could think of this energetic pattern as an intense inner force driving one upward accompanied by the drooping quality of those aspects of the self exhausted by the climb.

Like Agrimony, yellow-flowered Aloe represents another way third chakra issues with self-esteem can wreak havoc with one’s emotional and physical well-being. But rather than drowning their feelings in partying and alcohol, people who need Aloe tend to be driven workaholics who stave off self-blame and criticism from others by proving their worth through over-accomplishment. They need the same healing Agrimony types require but from a spiritual perspective they tend to be slightly more aware of who they are—they believe they are capable of great things—but they use that awareness unskillfully. They’re so hard on themselves that they collapse from overwork and lack of emotional sustenance. The life of a workaholic is harsh and dry like the desert an Aloe plant enjoys. Yet the Aloe is succulent, juicy, fleshy and strong, the very antidote to the life it leads. The leaves of the plant radiate out, star-like, from its center, reaching out and up to catch any drop of moisture and retain it within. Just as the flower spike rises up from this center of nourishment the Aloe person’s psyche needs a nourishment source of its own. That’s the healing this plant has to offer.

Those who need Aloe need to nourish their inner core through rest, food, social interaction and all those pleasures that nurture one’s physical and emotional life. They need to learn that their self-worth is more than than the sum total of their activities. More than anyone they need to rest deeply, knowing they are of value to the universe just lying still. When one’s self-worth comes from knowing who one really is—a manifestation of the healing life force of the universe—one no longer has to attempt to prove one’s worth through overstriving. One’s drive for accomplishment can then come from a centered, more healing place and the level of activity required to bring one’s hearts’ desires to fruition will tend to reflect that healthier balance.

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