Thursday, August 16, 2012

"Back On Your Feet" Means It's Time to Begin Moving Forward

Louise Hays says that foot problems often represent fears of the future that keep you in place instead of moving forward. Our feet are part of our foundation— the part of our bodies we use to travel under our own power. In modern interpretations of chakra theory the feet, legs and base of the spine correlate with first chakra issues of physical well-being, safety and security. What lodges there most relates to family of origin issues—if you had a father and mother who kept you safe and well fed, and never filled your head with fear for your well-being (and that continued enough throughout your life) you don't need to worry. Because you probably don't worry about your safety as much as many others. But if you grew up with abuse or neglect, worried about where your next meal would come from, or were taught to worry about how to keep a roof over your head... well, that's another story!

In the last year recession-related problems led to me needing a day job. I got one after a VERY long haul of looking, sending in resumes and going to interviews. It's not a good job but it keeps at least some of our expenses covered and gets me out in public, meeting people and "moving ahead." People tell me I'm fortunate to have one at all. Unfortunately, I'm on my feet all day and by the end of my shift I can barely walk at all until I've rested in the shade of a tree or back home for a half hour or so.

My feet feel like someone's been stepping on them and I've been assuming that it's the pressure of standing all day that's been getting me down. But recently I was guided to try one of my Mama Love flower essence aromatherapy formulas on my feet and lower legs—"Doing New Things with Confidence"—and I immediately noticed a significant difference at least for short periods of time. My feet would feel better and so would my point of view.

But I'm not doing new things—I need to.

Last night Paul and I allowed a new point of view to come into our conversations about the future. We could be moving again although we don't currently have a plan for doing so. We could be making a career move. We don't know but just the idea that we were now on the same page about it freed something up for me. And, more miraculously, all of a sudden my feet were pain-free!

Some of the tension, of course, returned some time later in the evening—my mindset is still in process with this—but the obvious connection was very unexpected and yet clear. My feet have been "stepped on," at least metaphysically. And now the purpose of using "Doing New Things with Confidence" makes even more sense to me.

That's the formula I created to help me travel! It used to be called "Traveling Easy" but later I discovered myself reaching for it whenever I had to do something I wasn't confident enough about. Doing New Things with Confidence is for moving forward, moving out, trying something different, and approaching the process of creating change with enthusiasm and a sense of optimism.

Instead of seeing the steps we need to take as fraught with danger, imagine preparing from a place of security and moving forward with an air of positive expectation and adventure.

Doing New Things with Confidence...
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Chamunda Swami-spiritual healer said...

Yes your post emits a positive message and we must learn how to move on in our life after facing some negative phases in our life.