Saturday, September 15, 2012

Latest Mixed Media Painting

© Copyright 2012, Sheryl Karas and Paul Hood
This is my latest mixed media painting incorporating acrylic painting, photography (by Paul), collage and other techniques. I'm pretty excited by it because of the way that it combines the realistic quality of a photograph with the freer, more impressionistic quality and textures of paint. It is 24" x 30." And even though I always have included a link to buy prints of my art in the past, I'm not inclined to in this case. The original will be for sale when I've done enough in this series to be less attached to seeing it on my wall.

Paul and I enjoyed the process of doing the photo shoot with the model who posed for this painting. We're looking forward to doing more photo shoots and photographic portraits and/or mixed media paintings as soon as we can arrange them!