Sunday, October 21, 2012

Angelica Flower Essence for Deep Spiritual Support

Ancient folklore of many Northern European countries ascribe great healing properties to Angelica. Supposedly, during the Black Plague an angel came to a monk in a dream and told him to use this particular herb to treat the sick. It was made into candy and used extensively to protect against contagion of all kinds, including spiritual diseases coming in the forms of spells or enchantment.

Angelica is an impressive plant found in cold wet climates. It grows 4-6 feet high and has large deep roots and hollow stems. The flowers, which are numerous, grow in large globular umbels and have a very noticeable sweet aroma. It grows best in very nurturing environments with rich soil near flowing water but can survive highly adverse conditions and severe frosts as well.

Umbels consist of many tiny flowers spraying outwards from a central point like the spokes of an umbrella. In the spiritual language of plants they represent the integration of ideas and energies being brought together into a balanced whole. The umbrella shape also symbolizes protection. The height of the plant and its white color indicated to earlier cultures that this protection came from spiritual (angelic) realms, hence the name "Angelica". Its tendency to grow in nurturing environments indicates that those who use this flower show a need for great nurturance but the plant's ability to withstand quite severe conditions attests to its actual strength. Angelica Flower Essence is recommended for anyone in spiritual crisis or in the midst of a major life transition especially when one feels isolated or cut off from spiritual guidance and support. Metaphysically, the height of the plant and the depth of its roots connected by a hollow open channel describes the state of being one needs to return to in order to feel safe--an open channel for spiritual guidance grounded to the safe security of the earth or material world.

According to the Flower Essence Repertory by Patricia Kaminski and Richard Katz: "Angelica flower essence especially encourages the individual to develop a relationship with the spiritual world, transforming an overly abstract or intellectual viewpoint into a genuine feeling for spiritual presence and spiritual beings. This awareness is particularly enhanced for that group of spiritual beings who immediately border the human kingdom: the angels."

That may be true for many people but since I already had a gift for hearing guidance psychically it did something better for me. It allowed me to feel safe with that gift. I could tangibly feel the inner channel that runs though the center of a person's body clear out. I felt noticeably more grounded whenever I used it and when I needed additional support to heal hormonally-driven panic symptoms and insomnia I used the Chinese version of Angelica, Dang Gui, with enormous and immediate success. I was guided to use Angelica essential oil in my Support for Troubled Times flower essence aromatherapy formula. That was so powerful and well-received it launched my career as a flower essence aromatherapy product maker. I also use it as a flower essence in Trusting Inner Guidance. Angelica is a special gift and I particularly recommend it for any difficult or even joyous transition where a person needs a little guidance and spiritual support.

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