Monday, November 26, 2012

Organic Flower Essence Aromatherapy Room Sprays

Do I have a blog? Sometimes I forget! And, boy, did I forget to announce something big: I have a new line of Mama Love room and body sprays!

 Why sprays?

Well, first of all, they work better this way. You can spray them all around your head and body to diffuse the healing effects throughout your body and energy field. The scent lingers on your clothing and hair. The product is the same strength as my entire Mama Love line but it seems to last a longer time.

But it's not just a personal product — you can also use it to change the feeling in a room or to scent and add healing effects to a favorite article of clothing or a child's toy.

And, last, they are so fun and convenient. It's Thanksgiving so I recently bought whipped cream to put on pumpkin pie. I lingered on the carton of whip-it-yourself whipping cream. I know, I'm supposed to want to do it from scratch but when I reached for the already-made whipped cream in a can my heart leaped up. Whoever invented that stuff must have been a kid at heart. It's easy, you can get creative with it, spray it on your partner and — oh yeah! You can use my flower essence aromatherapy sprays like that, too! :-)

Visit my website or the spray section of my Etsy shop to find them all.

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