Monday, December 23, 2013

The Dance of the Flowers featuring Jingle Cats!

Should I apologize for this? Nah! It cracked me up the first time I saw it. Enjoy! Or not. . .

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Comic Sans -- Be a Graphic Design Rebel!

Am I the only graphic designer who does not hate Comic Sans? Come on, you know you secretly wish you could use it!

New Nature-Inspired Mugs

The assignment I gave myself was what can you do artistically with a jumble of weeds? I took a photo, converted it to line art, added color, and came up with these:

Friday, December 06, 2013

Stress-free Living with Mama Love

I discovered a new use for one of my Mama Love Flower Essence Aromatherapy formulas tonight. I've been feeling quite anxious about getting my schoolwork done in addition to taking care of my orders, planning for various things, etc., etc. It was making it hard to stay grounded and relax. I never thought to use my Restful Sleep formula for this before but I felt like my energy was stuck high in my ribcage and I know that formula moves the energy down. So tonight I tried it and it was amazing! I used the oil but I know the spray would have worked as well. Almost instant relief but I'm still awake and able to get my work done. Later tonight, just before bed, I'll use it again and I'm sure I'll sleep much better but I really just wanted to feel the way I feel right now—relaxed and happy and doing my "work" but having fun. Awesome

Friday, November 22, 2013

New Flower Mug Designs!

I'm having fun designing drinkware right now.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Angel's Trumpet Flower Essence

Angel's Trumpet
Surrender, Dorothy! Or at least let go of the reins. Sometimes we need to allow for new possibilities. At times of death and other major transformation (or what seems like one), there is always fear, a wanting to hold back. "No!" we say. "I'm not ready!" "I can't believe it's going to be alright to do this leap of faith, of transition. It's just too scary. What if I'm dead and there really is no afterlife? What if I've been wrong about this type of work—maybe I'm not cut out for it! What if this thing I've been pushing myself to do is all for nothing, it's all a mistake? What will I do then?"

It's terrifying for a person to think they might be throwing their life away! And for what? An afterlife of hell? Of course, these feelings didn't come from nowhere. We all make mistakes, want fervently for something that turns out to be a pile of bricks. More work, less fun, just a big mess and disappointment. Worse, we've been in dangerous situations. Walking on the wild side is not always fun! A lot of us know we've given up great situations to wind up in worse ones (especially in recessions). Some of us made bad bargains (for good reasons but bad is bad).

So fear, gripping fear is the reason for the Flower Essence of the Day—Angel's Trumpet. The angel in this illustration is calling for the dead to rise up once more. Death is seen as an entry into rebirth in many cultures or entry into a Promised Land (the afterlife) in many others. "Rise up! Rise up!" is the message in the Angel's Trumpet but not of your own free will alone. Surrender and follow Thy God.

As I write this post I feel weird. I grew up a Reform Jew and this way of thinking is foreign to that upbringing. If anything I got the message: "You're on your own—nobody is going to rescue you (without making your life misery). The God of the Jews (and fundamentalist Christians) can be angry and tyrannical. Trust God? Follow God? Oh, you have got to be kidding.

And that's part of the issue, too. In this life we don't have to run from misery to misery, dreading every change or transformation. Buddhists say the only constant in life IS change. And from their point of view, resisting change— grasping too tightly to what we think we possess— is the cause of the deepest suffering.

So Angel's Trumpet says let go of your resistance to these changes. Wake up from the entrancement of the status quo. Stop grasping the sides of your coffin while lying in a shallow grave. Let go and find out what lies ahead.

Monday, November 18, 2013

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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Cosmos -- for Integration

When a person is in a significant growth spurt emotionally, trying to make better choices, for example, there can be times when our psyche is flooded with more insight and information than can be processed at one time. In the every early days of our spiritual counseling practice we saw this with many of our first clients and learned to do far less in any given session in order to give clients a chance to integrate. This goes counter, of course, to what many of us think we need. We want our dearly wanted changes to come fast! So we push forward as fast as we can and can get overloaded.

Cosmos always strikes me as a flower that has a "head" (blossom) way too big for its spindly body (stem). They float in every breeze. And that's very good indication of the state a person who needs Cosmos gets into. Their heads are too full of new information to integrate. When they are called to explain their thinking they are unable to do so in a coherent manner. But the flower also brings to mind a satellite dish -- a big wide opening to catch as many frequencies it can and a transmitting wire that presents one channel at a time.  If your radio or TV transmitted every channel it can pick up at the same time all you would have is gibberish. But by narrowing the focus to one channel at a time you can make sense of what you're receiving and make use of it.

Favorite iPhone Cases from My Collection

Friday, November 15, 2013

Chrysanthemum -- Flower Essence of the Day

Well, here is a flower essence I have never used but it is the one that came up when I dowsed for the Flower Essence of the Day. Chrysanthemum is often thought of as a Fall flower. Florists in the U.S. have designated it the flower for October. But I think of it as appropriate for this season for another reason. Just as Fall, for some, reminds people of death (falling leaves, longer nights, Halloween, the Day of the Dead), Chrysanthemum in many cultures is symbolic of death and grieving as well.

In the Flower Essence Repertory Chrysanthemum is recommended for people coping with fears about their own death and mortality. It's especially useful for people in the midst of a mid-life crisis or dealing with aging.

Some of us worry excessively about the potential death of  a loved one. We see them age, develop health issues, cope with a mid-life crisis of their own, and it reminds us of how fragile life on the physical plane can be. We want to grasp tightly to them. If we fear our own aging and death, we fear life itself.

Life is about being. Here. Now. In the present. Even if you don't believe the soul is immortal, fearing the future interferes with living fully grounded and present with today. At the worst it keeps us from enjoying our lives. "Don't eat that chocolate ice cream! It's bad for you!" "Watch out! Don't drive so fast!" "Be careful, don't take risks, don't ride that skateboard, don't ski, don't ride a bike, don't do anything that could lead to injury or worse."

From a Buddhist perspective, such grasping to life—grasping and clinging too tightly to anything— is the source of all suffering. While it is part of any creature's nature to try to survive, we miss out on the joy of being alive if we focus on what might maim or kill us too much. I think of wild mountain goats traversing the edge of the steepest cliff. You can't do that if you focus on your fear of falling more than on the adventure or need to travel that route. All life is transient. Becoming less attached to things and more at peace is the purpose of Chrysanthemum.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Rest! The Flower Essence of the Day is Aloe Vera

Illustration for Aloe Vera Flower Essence
Well, that's appropriate. I decided to use Aloe Vera as part of a personal combination a few days ago and had been reluctant to do as much work lately, probably as a result. I had been burning the candle at both ends and have a slight tickle-cough I don't want to see progress. It's been hard to get myself to stop working and go to bed.

This is often true of me. I LIKE feeling energized and fret when the desire to do things goes away. I recognize that I also have a real need for rest and relaxation but in true Libra fashion I tend to swing from one end of the scale to the other. Lately, the scales have been tipped way too far out of balance.

Aloe Vera is a desert plant. It lives where it is hot and dry and it has a vigorous kind of way of being. But if you break off a piece the first thing you notice is its cooling gel-like inner core. So soothing if you have a sunburn! And that's a great indication of what the flower essence can do —provide a balance for someone on the edge of burning out. It's great to have an inner fire to get things done but if the fire burns too fiercely it wears you out.

Aloe Vera does not stop the the creative fires from burning. On the contrary, it simply moderates the energies and balances it with the ability to feel and be a little bit more. So that when my spirit says "Time to go to bed, Sheryl!" I might notice that I'm actually tired and resist the urge to to push on "just a little more."

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Monday, November 11, 2013

Flower Essence of the Day-- Zinnia!

It's fun to be alive! It's fun to be a kid just exploring life and having a good time. It's great to be less serious. Work hard? Yeah, but with a sense of inventiveness and adventure. It's all about joy. I saw an ad posted on Facebook today that expresses it well. (Yeah, it's an ad, inner critic. Big deal. It had a fun story to tell. I'm sharing it anyway. So, lighten up!)

Bread? Why bread? It ought to be about Zinnia. For remembering and tapping into the joyful state of the unbridled inner child.

Mama Love Flower Essence Aromatherapy products that include Zinnia:
Abundant Prosperity
Comfort and Joy
Doing New Things with Confidence
Renewed Faith and Optimism

Saturday, November 09, 2013

Saint John's Wort Flower Essence for Light-Filled Existence

© JJ Harrison (
The Flower of the Day experiment continues. I dowsed for the flower most suitable for dealing with the turning of the light, the season we've just entered of shortening days and longer darker nights. For some people that leads to longer-lasting darker thoughts. Scorpio energy. Which can also be transformative energy when used wisely.

Dark thoughts can lead to light. Only, however, through intention. Someone wrote last night, "I feel lost." I have felt the same way at times. So do we all. And if we feel lost way too long we can give up in despair. Things go wrong.  Earthquakes occur, businesses fail, people make mistakes. Recessions can create huge setbacks; wars even worse. Let's not talk about climate change and global catastrophes -- then I'll really get overwhelmed! Sometimes you need to descend into the dark in order to get to a new place, to recover, let go of the reins, regroup. Like Persephone who was abducted by Hades and dragged into the underworld, sometimes we have no choice but to descend into the depths. But there's a promise in that metaphor. Like seeds that are buried in the ground, held in the dark while waiting for the warmth and rain of Spring, a time of waiting, of developing, of rest and rebirth is a necessary part of the cycle of life. In the mythology Persephone had to be returned to the surface so that life as we know it would not permanently fade away. And so it is with us. Terrible events can "abduct" us and take us away. But the light returns and we can return again and again.

The Flower of the Day then is Saint John's Wort. As an herb it is used for many types of depression. In the Flower Essence world we look at it the same way but from a more spiritually-rooted perspective. When you feel depressed you feel deeply pressed -- hopeless, bound up, almost immobilized. "My life is a mess!" we say. "I'll never get out of this place. Nothing appeals to me. When I do think of something I assume it can't be done, at least here, now, in 'enough time', by someone 'like me', someone in my particular predicament, age group, [put some limiting belief here]." Some of it's true. In today's world we can't all be professional basketball players, for instance.  With today's cultural conventions, if you're a certain age or never grew taller than 4'10" that ship hasn't sailed, it never even came into your harbor. So, yeah, sometimes we have to respect certain limitations if we can't or don't want to challenge the status quo BUT we can practice basketball at the gym with our friends or play some other sport, find another thing we love to do.

We need to be grounded and work with the physical reality of our lives to find the places we can flourish. We also need light in the sense of being awakened to the possibilities that exist, to be able to see the paths available to us. "Light our way when the darkness surrounds us, give us love, let it shine all around us." Karen Carpenter's voice singing comes into my consciousness although her song "Bless the Beasts and the Children" (see below) was written in the third person ("Light their way", etc.) That's what Saint John's Wort flower essence is for—that and being better able to assimilate light as in cases where someone is overly sensitive to heat or sunlight or, conversely, light-deprived because of latitude or Seasonal Affective Disorder. It helps brings forward a feeling of being protected by the light within. We need light in our hearts in order to thrive.

I can make a custom flower essence spray or dropper bottle for you that includes Saint John's Wort.
I also have other products that can help a person with troubled thoughts: Renewed Faith & Optimism, Support for Troubled Times, Restful Sleep, to name just a few.

And, by the way, there is this spiritual counseling thing Paul and I do that can also help. We don't deal with clinical depression as we're not licensed clinical counselors but sometimes guidance from a spiritual perspective can make all the difference.

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Friday, November 08, 2013

Corn Flower Essence -- Stand Tall!

I sometimes use the Flower Essence Repertory as a guide for my life by employing a type of dowsing technique. I hold a question in my heart and dowse for the flower essence that will guide me to what I need to understand. It works every time so I thought I'd share my "flower of the day" from time to time with you!

The message in the flowers today is Corn. I need to deal with messed up bureaucracy today and I am mad. Who do I have to kill about this? Okay, I can't kill anybody and I know you catch more flies with honey but the people involved have freaked me out. I keep running through various scenarios in my head and all of them involve what it's going to take for me to make them do their job right. And I hate having to stand up for myself. That's the real problem. Anger is almost always the result of fear going overboard.

Where is my inner strength? Where is my determination? Why do I need to shift into bully mode or at least freak-out mode to access it? It's because I lost my grounding in this. Am I safe? No, not if I do nothing. But will I be safe if I go into the office fighting mad? Not if I piss these guys off!

So Corn is the flower essence I drew today. Corn for the ability to be grounded and stand tall despite the stress and strain of dealing with modern bureaucracy and the people locked into it. Like a Corn plant dealing with the stress of being squeezed into too small a space due to modern farming methods -- somehow they adapt and thrive despite the situation. And so can I.

By the way, I use Corn in my "Doing New Things with Confidence" flower essence formulas. I guess that's the one I'll be using today!

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Friday, October 18, 2013

Healing Projects Using Flower Essences

Have you ever created a "healing project" for yourself using flower essences? This is a subject near and dear to me because it is my amazing successes with several of such projects that convinced me to make it easier for other people to benefit from flower essences, too.

Early in my training—before I had even had much luck using them for myself— I gave flower essences to my cat Chloe on my vet's advice. The transformation was beyond obvious. When I brought her home from the animal shelter she was terrified to be touched. But when I gave her Mariposa Lily she reacted positively within minutes and let me pet her as long as she was safe in the box she had adopted as her cat bed. Within a week she started to initiate cuddling with me in my bed. And in a month other changes occurred: she was regularly cuddling with me now but the biggest surprise was the state of her health. She came home from the animal shelter with a cough and that disappeared. Not only that, her fur which had been greasy and full of dandruff became beautiful, soft and clean (without me traumatizing her more by bathing her).

Then I did a dramatic test in my own life. I chose what I assumed would be a difficult issue: shyness and Christmas-time depression. You can read the full story elsewhere on my blog but the results were sweet. I went from dreading Christmas to delightfully joining in without any decision or forethought beyond trying flower essences for the purpose. I just woke up one day, about a month after I started the project, and had a new thought about the holiday: I was brought up Jewish but why don't I shop for a Christmas gift for one of my friends and decorate my house with purple decorations instead of red and green and play along? I almost talked myself out of it but the feeling was strong so I gave in and found myself singing along to the piped in holiday music and chatting happily with other shoppers—two things I thought I would never do.

Since then I have done numerous successful experiments and can share some tips for people wanting to embark on a flower essence healing journey of their own.

1. First of all, it is important to get very familiar with flower essences, trust your intuition, choose between 1-5 flower essences or use a premixed formula that seems to fit, or ask for help choosing. If you want me to briefly check my intuition (for free) to help you choose one of my premixed formulas you could send me an email and tell me the one issue you most want to focus on. If that's not clear or you have more than one issue that seem to intersect, or you need a custom formula that's not on my list I offer hour long flower essence consultations to help you along. I also offer less expensive custom formulas without an hour-long consultation on that same page.

2. Try to choose one issue to focus on if at all possible but, if you want to work on more than one, separate when you take the formulas or when you use  my oils or sprays. For example, I often work on more than one issue by applying one of my oils when I get out of the shower in the morning and a different formula later in the day. I might even work on a third issue (insomnia, for example) by using a third formula just before going to bed at night.

3. Use the formula every day at close to the same time(s). The formulas should be used at least once a day but 2-3 times a day (or more in acute situations like panic) is recommended. I find getting into a habit of using my essences with every meal works well or once in the morning when I do my morning bathroom routine and once at night during the evening routine. Create whatever routine is easiest.

4. Don't give up on them if you don't feel results immediately! Don't give up on them if you don't feel results immediately! Don't give up on them if you don't feel results immediately! I feel like I can't say this enough. I respond immediately and viscerally to many of my formulas when I most need them so in the past I might have been tempted to say that if you need them that's the way they will work for you. Well, it's not true! I'm a sensitive creature but even I have found that continuing to use a formula that might not seem to be immediately working is often the most important thing to do. In acute situations you might have an immediate set of reactions but for longer-standing issues—ones you've become accustomed to, for instance, or ones you've lived with for many years—you might not notice your feelings dramatically shift right away. Or you might have an immediate reaction and then feel like the formula "stops working". Keep with it! The rule of thumb is at least one month. Some issues seem to take two months or three.

For example, my Mama Love for PMS, Postpartum and Menopause Support is one I'm using right now. I know from past experience with PMS that this one needs to be used regularly for up to two months. (Some people say three before the condition stabilizes and they don't need it anymore.) But menopause is kicking my ass and I've been SO focused on the physical manifestations that I had been neglecting to use this formula I more commonly associate with emotional mood swings. "I'm not just dealing with MOOD SWINGS and I don't want to wait two months for this formula to work!" I'd tantrum in my most mood-swingy way. But after months of not enough improvement without it I added it to my new routines of doctor-prescribed iron and prenatal vitamins, rest and good decisions about what I choose to do with my life. And this combination of things is finally doing me a significant amount of good. Given that I'm doing so much at once I can't say how much my formula is affecting me on its own but I do know one thing. Even though I don't always notice a dramatic difference when I use it, when I forget to use it my body seems to long for that formula. I feel like I'm pining for it until I use it and then I feel at ease and good again. After three years of intense menopausal disruption, if it takes a couple of months or more to stabilize doing this new routine, that's okay with me.

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Herbs from the Labyrinth

A special shout-out to Sarah Preston at Herbs from the Labyrinth for making the Vitex (Chaste Tree) flower essence I use in two of my favorite products: Mama Love for Doing New Things with Confidence and Mama Love for PMS, Postpartum and Menopause Support. I was making up a new batch of Doing New Things and realized I never thanked her! Sarah is a community herbalist in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and has a special place I would LOVE to see in person some day. She offers some wonderful-looking classes and events as well as a lovely array of products of her own. Check out her website! It has a really nice feel about it.

Vitex flower essence is for emotional balance. As an herb it is quite traditional for women's reproductive issues. It helps regulate hormones and is often used for PMS, menopause and postpartum support. But I also think it's helpful in situations where we are experiencing great change in our lives in general and need help to stay centered through the transition which is why I use it in the Doing New Things formula. It's very hard to come by, though, in flower essence form so I'm actually quite grateful that Sarah makes it available.

Saturday, October 05, 2013

Why Healing Sometimes Reverses and What to Do About It

From time to time I do healing experiments with flower essences and other modalities that are mind-blowingly effective. On this blog I've shared stories of working with myself and my cat. In many cases long time issues appeared to heal themselves for good. It's always gratifying to write about that. . . but what about the times when symptoms return or come back in an even worse form?

It happens. Not often but it has happened for me and even my cat. For example now, years after the first healing I linked to above, I'm revisiting the same symptoms again and I truly thought they were gone for good. So what's going on? Did the healing "wear off"?

No. What's happening from my perspective is that things can happen that shake up a person's worldview and old memories and the messages attached to those memories get reignited. In the link above I write in detail about parental beliefs that I took in. I was writing about my mom's intense fear for my well-being but today I realize both parents worked hand-in-hand in that regard. Many of us lived with people who only wanted the best for us and inadvertently filled our heads with fears about taking risks and going after our hopes and dreams (even if they really hope we will). And who could blame them? After all, my parents' generation went through the Great Depression and a World War! They wanted us to be safe and not to have to go through the worst of what they experienced or witnessed. So when I got the message to go into a safe profession and stay there it really wasn't their fault. It's just what an entire generation and the one they raised believe in now.

After going through a Great Recession crash myself I very much used their advice as a crutch. "Get a job! Get any job! Stop holding out for what you want-- you can't afford it! Your finances are gone!" And so, with great shame and humility, I wound up working at a retail store in the worst job I ever have had in my life. Poor pay, no benefits, sometimes miserable working conditions, a $%^@ of a boss. And the physical symptoms I was experiencing before came back only worse.

Sometimes experiences come into our lives to take us further in our development. Sometimes other people make choices that impact us. For example, the choices I used to make in my life around employment tended to be okay. I took risks to be self-employed at times but I never had a hard time finding regular work I was well suited for when I needed it. I never really had to settle for a miserable job for even a few weeks. There was always something better. . .  until the banking industry and various corporate entities made choices that crashed the economy. My hair is grey now. And Paul and I aren't living in a big city or near one where jobs are more plentiful. And my resume says I've taken time out to do spiritual counseling and healing work for 8 years. Add it all up and the odds of finding a normal but decent job in recent times have not been real good.

Just like that, it's possible to fall into a maelstrom that tests one's resolve. It's easy to think "Oh damn, my parents were right. I never should have let go of that really boring but well-paid and dependable job with great benefits I once had." I don't blame myself for not anticipating the changes in our world. But just because I never saw a recession like this in my lifetime doesn't mean it hasn't happened. Didn't my parents warn me about this? "I should have known better than to act so cavalier." And even though I know better than to blame myself so much and even though the mean-spirited condemnation-laden political message we're being served from conservatives around Obamacare and minimum wage, etc. makes me angry. . .  it's also hard not to take a little bit of it in.  I mentioned the shame I felt at taking a retail job: "You can do better than that!" "If you can't pay for health insurance now it's your own damn fault!" etc., etc. Have you ever had thoughts like that? I fight those thoughts. . . but they're in there.

So, there are times when old healing issues return to be addressed again. In my case: "you think you just have to believe in a positive reality, walk in the direction of your dreams, and see them all come true? Easy to do when jobs are plentiful! But what are you going to believe in now?"

The call is then to take your healing to a deeper level. What are the messages you really need to believe for your highest well-being and your real health and well-being as human on the planet now?

Was the old healing good enough? On some level it was: I needed to address my fear of change and I needed to feel nurtured and safe. But back then I was rejecting the messages from my youth. On some level that's good, too, but it's far better to accept the wisdom and truth in those messages along with knowing we are more than the fears they were draped in. We are more than fear-based creatures who think we are standing on the edge of a cliff. It's good to have money coming in from a miserable day job but no one has to settle for a life of poverty-laden drudgery (thanks, mom and dad, for telling me this). If we have actually fallen down the hillside a bit we can take a look around from where we are now, find out who is with us and who is in a better place who can pull us back up (the nurturing part —we are never alone) so we can more easily get to a better place ourselves.

In my case, I'm back in school to get my skill set updated. And my teachers are nurturing and a source of positive inspiration—yay! I'm still working at bringing our businesses back up and want to see them succeed. But now I understand the value of not taking risks that are too big for me to handle. That means I will probably continue to do additional employment until our financial base has stabilized. And I will take steps to put business plans and better choices back into place. It means being a little less out of step with parental wisdom. AND being willing to act on my choice for my life to be what I want. Being a little less opposed to more conservative points of view without taking on the mantle.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fun Artist-Designed Watch

I dare you to try to tell time with this! Think of it as art for your wrist and quite the conversation piece. (And I suppose you could learn to tell time with it as well!)

Cut Glass Watch
Cut Glass Watch by paulnsheryl
Browse more Abstract Watches at Zazzle

Friday, September 13, 2013

The Libra Guide to Organization

Or disorganization, as the case may be.

Case in point: Paul and I do most of our spiritual counseling sessions by phone or Skype video but tomorrow we have an in-person session at our house. Which means we are cleaning house! Or one of us is. The Libra in charge (partially) is taking a blog-writing break because she is recovering from severe anemia and gets tired easily. Although I will admit that my Libran tendency to shirk housework and be lazy isn't too unhappy about having a good excuse right now. To my credit, I cleaned up MY mess before taking a break. And, honestly, my mess was the worst this time around.

You see, like always, I'm constantly juggling several things at once: art, business, school, day job work. And all of those things, plus the junk (or maybe not junk) mail I receive every day generates paper. And each piece of paper represents the most dreaded thing to a Libra of all -- a decision to be made. Keep or throw away? And if I keep it where will I put it where I will be able to find it again? And if I don't have a ready-made place to put it, there's another set of decisions to be made: should it be put in a file folder and put in a filing cabinet? Where are the file folders now? Should information about my student loans be filed under "school" or "finances"? Should this piece of paper I actually might need to take action on be filed at all? (Probably not.) And, oh yeah, the filing cabinet... that has never found a suitable place to live so it's in the storage room with a crazy amount of stuff -- some of which needs to be filed -- sitting on top!

So that is why the living room gets messed up in the first place. "I don't want to make a decision about this right now," I think. "I'll just make a nice neat pile right here on the edge of the coffee table to remind me to do it later." "Oh wait, this piece of paper will surely get lost if I put it in with these other pieces of paper. I'll start a second pile." And then a third. And then I think "I'll just lay this fourth pile crossways over the first two piles to 'keep them separated.' Yeah, that'll work."

Until the time comes when we have an in-person session. (Luckily, not too many weeks go by before that happens!) So I finally sit down and go through all the items I deferred judgment on one by one.

Yippee! This whole stack is now obsolete! Yay! They don't have to be filed at all and no action has to be taken except to throw it all away. See! My Libran approach to organization WORKS. Virgos are tearing their hair out right now. Because I've just received my version of positive reinforcement for a behavior that doesn't work at all! In true Libran fashion I live with a big mess then rush around with Paul making it perfectly clean whenever someone comes to visit. There is not a speck of the previous mess to be seen in the living room now. It is SO nice! Librans actually LIKE things neat and tidy and beautiful. I always say I'm going to turn over a new leaf and keep it that way and actually do keep it that way for days, sometimes weeks or even a month at a time. Until the time comes -- and it only take one time -- when I don't know what to do right away with something that comes into the house when I'm feeling tired or overwhelmed.

And then it begins again.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Song Bird Watch

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Veterinarians Take Note! (Flower Essence Healing Formulas for Pets)

I have five new flower essence sprays in my Mama Love shop for pets (that can be used by people, too)!

Happier Indoor Living
This is a great formula for pets who used to have access to the outside but no longer do. Did you change your mind about allowing your cat outside? Or move to an upstairs apartment? A neighborhood with a too busy street? Or does your pet have an injury or illness that requires being kept inside? Whatever the reason, if your pet is acting listless and bored, perhaps depressed because of their confinement, give this formula a try!

Recovering from Grief and Loss
Have you adopted a pet who was abandoned or given away or left behind after the death of their person? This formula is designed to help heal broken-heartedness, fear and grief, and to have courage when it feels like all is lost. And yes, if this sounds like something you can use for yourself, please do!

Getting Along with Others
Okay, you brought home a new playmate for your "lonely" cat or dog and -- oops! -- all hell has broken loose! Don't fear. They just a need a little help with their rampant insecurity. And perhaps other family members need help with this transition, too! Use this one together or at least on the unhappy furry ones.

Healthy Bonding
More new homing blues? Imagine being in a brand new home you had no choice about, with new people, new surroundings, and no understanding about what is occurring. Some pets adjust quickly but many need a little help. If your newest furry family member runs or cowers when you try to pet them give this one a try!

Healing Aggression
it occurs to me as I'm writing this blog post that every formula I've just introduced is especially applicable for pets you just brought home or have moved into a new situation with. If your pet is reacting aggressively there's usually a reason. First check with your vet -- they could be sick or in pain. But if fright, overwhelm and feeling like they need to over-aggressively defend their space is  part of the issue this formula might help.

Animal shelters or pet shops as well as veterinarian clinics might consider sending new pet owners home with formulas like these. Contact me to learn about buying my products wholesale.

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Monday, September 09, 2013

Full Moon Watch

Photo by Paul Hood

Full Moon Watch
Full Moon Watch by paulnsheryl
Browse Full moon Watches online at

Monday, September 02, 2013

Healing Manifestation Experiment: What You Focus on Increases

Week 2 of the Manifestation Experiments

I'm still working through my book about manifestation ( E-Squared: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality ). I most likely should have started with the "baby steps" the book recommended for this one! LOL, I'll have to try this one again. But I thought I'd share this supposed "FAIL" because it does represent the ability to manifest, just in reverse. This happens. Because, well, some of us are just plain HUMAN, ya know?

So here's the experiment: in 48 hours, using nothing but the power of one's thoughts, magnetize something you want into your life. The idea was to focus on some simple thing that you'd like, for example, theater tickets or flowers from a significant other, and write down what happens. The theory to be explored was "whatever you focus on expands." Unfortunately, I did not choose an insignificant thing. I've been having a challenge with excessive bleeding related to menopause and I wanted it to STOP! The weird thing is that it had been starting to slow down when I made the choice to visualize an end to the bleeding (a clean menstrual pad) but within 48 hours it was way way worse.

Now I say this was not a simple choice because my worries and fears about it not stopping are so bound up with it. Not only that, there is a stress / hormone component which I am WELL aware of. Unfortunately, I didn't realize to what extent I was focussing on the very thing that has been the trigger for the bleeding. Yes, I imagined clean underwear but I also spent far too much time during the day fretting about my day job and whether I could get a better source of income to replace it by Christmas (my desired deadline) and fretting about money in general... exactly the opposite of what this experiment is all about! I forgot that the bleeding starts during the summer when my hours get cut and I start to dip into my savings to pay the rent. I knew that frustration and discouragement was a big part of the picture but I forgot.

So I focussed a bit too much on exactly the opposite of what I want to increase. And the bleeding became worse and worse.

In the middle of the night I searched for some sort of healing intent to take the place of whatever I had been doing. I sent long distance Reiki to healing whatever thought patterns might be involved in increasing the flow and fell asleep. When I woke up my first thought was "I can't afford to bleed to death! I better enjoy the time I have on this earth and pay attention to what I'm grateful for!" So I did, like an earnest prayer, start to recite to myself everything I was grateful for: my partner Paul, my fully paid for air conditioned apartment, enough money coming from student loans to be able to work fewer hours without fear, enough money in the bank, the fact that I have a day job when so many others have been having a hard time finding one, the fact that I like the people I work with, the fact that there are times I actually enjoy the work, etc., etc. The bleeding slowed down and started back up throughout the day but I also KNOW my sense of gratefulness ebbed and flowed throughout the day. As I write this I realize I stopped feeling grateful not long before I felt so tired I needed to take a nap. And then I was pissed that I needed a nap. And that was precisely the time when the bleeding increased again.

The stop bleeding experiment isn't done yet. Changing a long term habit of focussing on what's wrong instead of on the far more abundant things going right takes practice. I'm also QUITE aware people reading this blog post may think I'm nuts for boiling down a significant physical problem to emotional / mental patterns. But I have healed myself by working through and changing mental patterns numerous times before and feel inspired to continue. I will add an update to this post within the next 48 hours.

Manifestation Experiments -- Week One

I'm reading a book about manifestation lately ( E-Squared: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality ). You know, "The Secret", Abraham Hicks, the believe-you-can-create-anything-and-it-is-so belief system? Paul and I see this work in our favor so often in many aspects of our lives that we can't ignore it but we also can't help but notice that there are times (or perhaps mindsets) that interfere with the best of these kind of intentions! I'm being a bit facetious but I'll get to that in a minute.

Anyway, the book is designed to set up a series of experiments where you test for yourself whether these theories actually work and record the results. I LOVE doing experiments. You'd be surprised how into the scientific method this spiritual counselor/healer/artist type can be! I didn't make and sell flower essence products until I had experimented and recorded the results multiple times on myself and that wasn't good enough until I experimented on my cat. You know, maybe with me the good results were just a placebo effect but the cat didn't know what I was doing so that's when I decided it actually worked. But I still didn't sell any of my formulas until I tested them on my co-workers at the time and anyone else game to participate. Some formulas didn't pass muster—I don't sell those. But I do sell the rest. You know where to find those by now, don't you?

I've only done three experiments so far with sometimes okay, sometimes terrible, sometimes amazing results. A few experiments I did more than once so even though I haven't worked my way even halfway through the book I'm already starting to wonder about certain factors that may come into play.

For example, how much you care about the results: does that enhance manifestation? Well, perhaps yes. In the book I was to do an experiment where I notice how deciding to notice something made me notice that very thing much more. The example offered was to manifest noticing of beige cars. Are you kidding me? Do you know how many beige cars there are on the road? My car is greyish-beige. I've probably accumulated many hours of searching for it in parking lots because there are so many just like it anywhere I go. Hell no, I'm not doing this experiment -- Manifestation Project FAIL.

So, their second example was yellow butterflies and purple feathers. Oh dear God, there are yellow and black swallowtail butterflies in the area right now so, big deal, sure I'll see more of them. . . if I venture outside the apartment in 95ºF temperatures and up. And purple feathers? I don't care about purple feathers but, okay, I'll notice if I see any yellow butterflies and purple feathers when I go to school or by mistake on the internet or whatever. I'm not expecting much here. But did I mention that I don't care?

What I do care about, though, is what I've been going back to school to learn more about: digital photography manipulation and multimedia, particularly website design. And I do care about what will come of going back to school. So school-related things are what's capturing my attention. And what comes into my email inbox unbidden? Articles by Seth Godin about what makes for good website design. And what comes unbidden into my Facebook feed? Really cool links to digital photography featuring some awesome photo manipulation. And, subsequently, a conversation with Paul about a person on his Facebook list who does photo manipulation and, subsequently, me deciding to visit her website. And what do I find there without very much looking? Images with yellow butterflies, here and here and here and here and a few other places, too, but I can't find them right now. I haven't found any purple feathers, though, but there is a billboard on the way to school for Feather Falls Casino that features a gold feather on a purple background. Does that count?

So what else has come about? Well, the very first experiment was to ask the universe for a surprise, something you would not expect and too significant to pass off as mere coincidence. The time limit was 48 hours but the surprise could manifest instantly. The idea was to record what happened in 48 hours. In 24 hours I had a weird repeating dream that kept waking me up about a link in my email inbox that I needed to know about, but in the dream when I didn't open it right away the link disappeared. This was disturbing because when I have repeating dreams they always have a message for me. I made sure to open my email right away when I finally got up that morning and, sure enough, there was an email from the Feds about what was awarded to me as a student loan and in the email in BOLD CAPITALIZED TYPE was a notice to check the link provided right away because the information was only going to be available for a short time! Here's the surprise: Butte College had told me I was eligible for less of a student loan than I really needed and had said I might get less than that. I was fretting about this because I hate the idea of being worried about paying bills and forced to work more hours than is healthy while trying to keep up with school assignments. I did ask for more on Paul's recommendation but I really did not expect any more than the full amount they said was the most they'd authorize. I was wrong. The surprise was that I did get more -- exactly the amount I feel like I need, maybe with a little wiggle room besides. (This is good because I wound up dropping one of my classes so I don't really know if I'll get the full amount after all... but, like I said, there was wiggle room!) I'd call that an excellent manifestation.

Here's the most recent one and an interesting development besides. Since our sweet cat Chloe died Paul and I have been deciding about when to get another pet or maybe more than one. We both immediately assumed we'd get more cats but for some reason small lap dogs have been capturing my attention. When Paul and I were in Arizona I fell in love with a tiny Maltese or Maltese mix who was wandering the streets away from home. She was SO friendly and cute and affectionate. When I bent over to pet her she leaped into my arms and immediately snuggled in as if to stay! We had a nice adventure discovering where the dog lived and brought her back only to discover many months later that her owner was an elderly woman with severe dementia who moved away and left the dog in the care of other people. Those people neglected and perhaps abused her. We met the dog on the same road, filthy and frightened. She ran from us when we bent to pet her and looked thin and horrific. I haven't been able to get that sweet creature out of my mind ever since.

If I ever get a dog that is the kind of dog I think I'd want. I was thinking about that on my day job one day recently and immediately in walked a man with two Maltipoos (an adorable cross between a Maltese and a toy poodle). He told me a lot about caring for them but highly recommended I get two or raise one with a cat because they hate to be left alone and having an animal companion helps quite a bit. This weekend the urge to find a new pet came up again so I looked on Craigslist. I didn't expect to find a Maltese or a Maltese mix but I not only found one, I found someone giving away two who had to be adopted together. They were Morkies (a Maltese and Yorkshire terrier mix) and they looked exactly like the little dog in Arizona.

But this is where "manifestation" gets interesting. Did I manifest my heart's delight? On the surface I did and I was very excited to tell Paul about it when he got up in the morning. But something didn't feel quite right. Why would these people give away two sweet dogs they supposedly had had for five years? Paul said maybe they had a behavior problem. So we talked about our requirements. We have clients come to the house so our #1 requirement is a dog who will not bark and frighten our clients. We also need a pet who is easy to train (Morkies are not) and do not need a yard to poop in because we don't have one. We don't mind walking a pet -- in fact I look forward to it -- but a pet that needs to be let out several times a day can't easily work for us. I wrote to the pet owner and, indeed, there was a behavior problem. They do bark at anyone who comes in, have only been house-trained to using an enclosed yard, and have never been leash-trained or even trained to wear a collar at all. Not a good enough fit.

A near miss? Or a perfect hit based on the information I had when I put the manifestation game in play? I'm going to call it the second. . . but that leads to more manifestation concerns. The mighty sage Mic Jagger is famous for singing "You can't always get what you want, but you get what you need." hmmm. I think I would want a tiny Maltese or Maltese mix because of my experience with (and guilt about) the one I met in Arizona. But I need a pet that's more like a cat who can use a litter box and will never bark and doesn't need your undivided attention 24/7 like a Maltese would prefer, regardless of what I think. Sometimes you give a manifestation back. I have two really nice stools we manifested for free outside the apartment dumpster when I thought we'd be moving somewhere where they'd come in handy. But I have no good use for them anymore so I need to give them back to the dumpster goddess right now. Perhaps someone actually wanting to use the kitchen counter as a place to hang out around instead of as art studio space could actually use them! (I filled my overhanging counter area with a free dumpster goddess bookcase and filled it with art supplies instead.)

So that's a bit about how manifestation works. I'll be reporting on more of my manifestation experiments as time goes on.

Sunday, September 01, 2013

Fun Gifts for Chakra Healers!

Do you do Reiki or Chakra Balancing? Know someone who does? We just came up with a bunch of fun gifts appropriate for using to advertise your practice or use on the job or just for fun.

For example, a box to store crystals if you use them in your work:

Chakra Healers Do It With Love Gift Box
Chakra Healers Do It With Love Gift Box by paulnsheryl
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Or T-shirts (choose your favorite style and size).

Chakra Healers Do It With Love T Shirts
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Mugs!  Water Bottles!
Chakra Healers Do It With Love Reusable Water Bottles
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