Friday, January 25, 2013

Mama Love and the Worldwide Shortage of Jojoba

As you may have noticed, the price for Mama Love in the 2 oz size has gone up dramatically and I have added a 1 ounce size to try to make the increase less painful. The new prices are due to the skyrocketing price of certified organic jojoba oil which has seen severe crop failures for the past two years worldwide. Supplies seem to have at least somewhat returned although they are limited so I plan to keep the formulation of my products the same despite the increase in price. The choice has not been made without great deliberation.

Jojoba oil has unique characteristics I have not found in any alternative. It is closest to the natural oils (sebum) secreted by human skin and, for that reason, tends to be nonallergenic. It is antimicrobial, stays stable in most temperatures, and will not go rancid so preservatives are not necessary, especially with the use of essential oils which also have antiseptic effects. Jojoba oil is easily absorbed by your skin making it ideal for delivering the healing benefits of flower essences and essential oils. That also means a little Mama Love goes a long way. (If you find your skin too oily after using it you’re using way too much!)

All my formulas are now made entirely from 100% organically grown and ethically wildcrafted botanical ingredients. Enjoy them, knowing they are all spiritually guided and Reiki-infused, handmade, and designed to be the most beneficial product I can make.

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