Friday, February 01, 2013

Hogwarts Style Potions or Real Life Herbal Remedies?

The Love Potion
The Love Potion (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
If you had to explain the power in plants and flowers for healing and emotional well-being would you use the cultural icon of wizards, sorcery and modern day film fantasy to do it?

When I was a kid I loved to read Grimm’s Fairy Tales and watch Disney movies with witches who made potions and sorcerers who could do anything. Hogwarts wasn’t invented yet but the iconography of a wizard’s cabinet filled with Gillyweed to help you breathe under water or a Calming Draught to recover from shock or trauma was very much part of my early childhood upbringing. I remember pretending to make healing potions in the woods near my house with plants and roots I chose based on the very little information I had been exposed to at the time. That was fantasy but I also took a summer class with a science teacher who introduced me to real medicinal plants in that very same locale.

When I read my first Harry Potter books what I enjoyed most was the contrast between Wizards and Muggles. What healer, psychic or herbalist hasn’t experienced that? I get so sick of having people try to invalidate my experience by claiming “it doesn’t exist”, deriding me for my “beliefs” (repeated easily replicated experiments and too many life experiences to count), or actually being afraid of me! To have that depicted on the big screen was worth the price of admission alone.

 And yet the movies are fantasy. The depiction of healing potions is for the most part ridiculous fun. I know there’s a market for witches’ potions and brews and I’d probably make a lot more money if I made potion playthings for teenage vampire lovers and goth girls to drink or dressed my products in Victorian steampunk garb right now. But by relegating my work specifically to that realm I’d be playing along with the very mindset that wants to say traditional healing isn’t real or wants to label it “for entertainment purposes only” (as spiritual counselors in Arizona are often forced to do).

I use everything I know in the creation of my healing Mama Love formulas—flower essence therapy, aromatherapy, Reiki, spiritual counseling, mind/body healing.  I don’t make a potion for breathing under water but I do have a “Calming Draught”:  Support for Troubled Times. I also have a “Draught of Peace”: Releasing Worry and Fear. I kind of do feel like I’m still creating magic potions in the woods. Some of my customers even call my best work magic! But I approach my healing like a scientist, backing up my intuition and intention with research, study and lots of great results.

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