Monday, February 04, 2013

Side Effects from Flower Essence Therapy?

Are there any side effects I should be aware of if I use your Mama Love flower essence aromatherapy products?

Not typically... but anyone can become allergic to practically anything so if you have a reaction that you don't like I always recommend you take a break! Maybe you need to use it less often. Maybe it would be best to use a different approach to your healing issues altogether. But generally speaking, there should be no side effects!

Except possibly this one:

I made myself a custom formula combining the key ingredients in Doing New Things with Confidence and Manifesting Life Purpose because I was feeling very stuck in my career and, consequently, in my life a few months ago. I made my custom formula without essential oils so I could add it safely to my drinking water and took sips from my water bottle through the day for a month. I had a dramatic improvement in my feeling of self-esteem. I actually noticed I was holding my head higher and walking with my shoulders back. And then I had the following reaction:

I became very pissed off about things I had been tolerating without comment before! I was suddenly having thoughts like "How dare they treat me like this!! Can't they see how valuable I am here? I'm going to write down why I'm valuable and ask for a raise!" And then I did.

I have not heard whether I'll be receiving a raise on the day job yet but it occurs to me that a taste of the same attitude -- head up, shoulders back, knowing that what Paul and I do is valuable -- would make a big difference in anything we decide to do. How could you fail to manifest your life purpose like that?

Okay, that's not a side effect -- that's the very effect I was wanting. But I certainly did not expect to be pissed off enough to demand a little more respect at my day job. That was a side effect -- and a wake-up -- to exactly how deeply my lapse in self-esteem might be affecting my day to day experiences.

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