Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My First Flower Essence Formula for Pets! Mama Love for Healthy Bonding

Calochortus luteus Yellow Mariposa Lily
Calochortus luteus Yellow Mariposa Lily (Photo credit: davidhofmann08)
There's a field across from our apartment with a walking trail awash with Spring wildflowers. Every couple of days we walk there and find new flowers in bloom— Chamomile, Red Clover, Lupine, a purple flower that reminds me of Garlic, many others. Yesterday we were surprised to find several yellow flowers we had not noticed before— Yellow Mariposa Lily (Calochortus luteus).

They particularly caught my attention not only because of their beauty but because of my relationship with white Mariposa Lily, the flower essence that remarkably healed my cat Chloe when I first brought her home from the animal shelter and cemented my relationship with flower essences as a healing modality from that time since. You see, I had not been convinced of their usefulness before that. How would a person be able to determine the subtle effects of typical flower essence formulas from a placebo? But with a cat there could no placebo effect. She didn't know what the remedy was supposed to be for! But it immediately transformed her from a cat who was terrified of touch to one who could allow it to one who initiated cuddling on her own within the course of a week!

Chloe is very sick right now and is not having a hard time accepting healing. She sits in Paul's lap for hours soaking up healing attention and cuddles up to me as well, sometimes going from him to me and back again in order to feel connected with both of us. She doesn't need Mariposa Lily anymore at all! But seeing the flowers in the field reminded me that Chloe is responsible for me having a flower essence business so I decided to honor her role by getting started on a line of unscented pet formulas I've been thinking about.

You can find the first of these formulas — Mama Love for Healthy Bonding — on my website today.

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