Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Unscented Flower Essence Spray for Letting Go of Workaholism

A lot of us work hard from time to time but when the “need” to work too much transforms your life into constant trudging through the snow, doing what “needs” to be done, day in and day out with no let up it’s time to let other people in. Seriously! I know it’s hard to believe that anyone else can get this all done. In fact, no one else may be able to. But a significant time out can help you reassess what really needs to be done, what can be delegated, what might not even be useful anymore. (Is your hard work for naught? How can you know unless you step away far enough to get a more objective perspective?) This formula is designed to help you relax, recuperate, be with yourself and your loved ones, just be. Afraid of that? What might come up? Your fears of defeat, the challenges you’re working so hard to overcome without a break, your fear of being yourself, just being alive after so much heartache (past history or present)? Let go, let God a little while. Play a bit and come back to the job renewed.

The Flower Essences in this Reiki-infused formula include Zinnia, Star Tulip, Yellow Star Tulip and Yerba Santa. Use it to help lighten up, be in the present, able to be present for yourself and for how your excessive isolating affects you and others. It helps sadness, loss and fear to be released and transformed instead of avoided so you can focus what DOES need to be done in the best ways possible!

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