Friday, June 28, 2013

Chloe Is Gone

Chloe died yesterday in the late afternoon after a long struggle with a fast-growing tumor on the left side of her face. In the last couple of weeks of her life the tumor shrunk back to the point of being almost imperceptible. And a few days before her death she had a brief period of being interested in life, cuddling and purring, playing in water from the bathtub faucet, even tasting food again and allowing us to feed her with a dropper.

The vet said she had never seen a tumor shrink like that or seen many cats who had lived so long with one. But I believe that has everything to do with the beliefs of the people involved and the choices in care that are made as a result. As healers we were confused and terribly distracted by her death sentence, the large size and obviously fast growing nature of the tumor, and the need to keep her in less pain all the way through. And we did exceptionally well. We gave her energy healing treatments and flower essences and Paul managed to figure out how to ration her pain meds throughout the day so she wasn't so over-medicated she couldn't function. The medical profession always seems to overdo it in that regard. She needed half the originally prescribed dose for a long time before she built up a tolerance and, rather than continuing to try to give her the medicine in the food she no longer could eat as we were instructed, we mixed it with milk or water and gave it to her by mouth with a dropper. Chloe is one of those cats who liked milk and suffered no consequence from it.

But the belief from all was that the tumor was inoperable and could not be healed. Comfort care was the only advice. And you can not heal when you're only trying to keep someone comfortable. In the end the damage from not eating and the drugs she was given to deal with the pain of the tumor were too much. But I know that with the tumor almost gone she had to have been more comfortable for awhile.

I wish I could say she died in her sleep and that is my only regret. I will never allow a pet to be euthanized again without insisting on them being sedated first IF I ever allow it again at all. Why vets don't think to do this is beyond my comprehension. It's extremely fast which is somehow thought to be merciful but I hate that my last memory of my sweet pet is her staring into my eyes with her eyes wide open with shock. I know she could have looked like that anyway at the end of her life if I didn't allow medical assistance but I dearly hope to avoid that with any pet I ever go through a protracted illness or dying process with again.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

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Saturday, June 22, 2013

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Friday, June 21, 2013

Update on Chloe

Chloe's been taking us on a bit of a ride. We decided not to euthanize her unless she seems to be suffering too much. define "suffering".

We've been saying "interest in life" and not being in terrible pain means it's worth hanging in.

In the last week Chloe has been eating less and less which means she's getting very thin and the amount of pain meds prescribed for her is too much. A couple of days ago she stopped eating altogether, had stopped purring, and could barely stagger a few feet so we had a very sad day of trying to decide what to do next. We finally decided to get enough pain meds for this weekend and put off the decision for  a few days more. Then we started more earnestly attempting to feed her cream and chicken soup with an eye dropper, doing Reiki and misting her with flower essences.

We got no reward for that yesterday but this morning, just a minute before the time I had intended to get up for work, I felt a little paw pat my leg. Chloe had somehow got herself up on the bed and cuddled up beside us. When I sat up she started purring and responded to petting with great enthusiasm, leaning in to my hand and offering me different parts of her body for attention. We hung out quite a while then I got up and she allowed me to give her a drink and took 2-3 licks of her wet catfood and several droppers full of chicken soup. I intuitively was guided to give her a lot less pain medication than we had been told to give her. Half what she had been getting earlier in the week. And she had a much better day. She's still only eating tiny amounts but at least she's eating and her interest in life has definitely returned.

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Listen. The "Art" for Meditation

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Monday, June 17, 2013

It's Adopt a Cat Month!

My sweetheart of a cat Chloe was adopted from a shelter. Here she is looking all fluffy after the bath she had last night.

The poor thing has developed a bad drooling problem due to the tumor she has on her face and jaw. She's quite miserable about it because it makes her coat sticky and smell bad. She obsessively washes herself but we didn't realize the problem was making her so unhappy until we decided to give her a bath. Oh! What a happy camper! She loves water and loved having a bath and afterwards she just purred and purred. Her joy about being clean was plain to see.

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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Is Monsanto War Gaming the Science on Round-up and their GMO Seeds?

Well, let's just say this. I recently had the infuriating experience of accepting a Friend request on Facebook from a person who claimed to just be a local rancher interested in open discussion about organic ranching and other such things. I was hesitant. More than hesitant because I had just witnessed her using odd half truths to defend Monsanto and GMO products on another thread. She'd make a half true statement, sometimes even with links to back her up. But even on the pages she linked to -- if you read far enough down -- you'd find the other half of the story she left out. Each time, like a lawyer on amphetamines, she'd leap at every opportunity to make her unusually pro-Monsanto case. But I engaged civilly and she talked me into accepting her Friend request.

Then I posted a link to a scientific study in a peer reviewed science journal about glyphosate (the active ingredient in Round-up) and why people might want to be concerned about its damaging effects. She immediately posted a link in the Comments to an article about "Pseudo Science" as her response. I removed her comment and blocked her from my list.

A few days later Paul came across this blog post in which this same person is identified as one of the "Women of Monsanto" and in the post were arguments, some word for word the same as those made on the Facebook thread I initially engaged with her on, about why we owe this pesticide and herbicide turned food supply owning mega-giant company a debt of gratitude. If you didn't take the whole picture into consideration you'd think Monsanto was the world's fairy godmother!

War gaming the science involves many tactics. Attempting to discredit scientific studies is a huge part of it -- just watch Fox News and how they're gaming the global warming / climate change debate! Another huge tactic is to use half-truths to spread misinformation by making enough saleable points to make people not notice the discrepancies. And then it never hurts to enlist farmers and ranchers to shill for Monsanto.  In exchange for what? Free seeds? Free pesticides and herbicides? Discounts? Or outright payments?

I don't know. My Facebook "Friend" wasn't saying. She didn't admit to being a spokesperson for them. But she didn't wind up being called a Woman of Monsanto for no good reason.

Just sayin'....

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Friday, June 14, 2013

Love is at the Source Print is now on T-Shirts and Other Gifts

Love is at the Source Print
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I've always liked this collage painting I started in a workshop I took on designing personal Tarot images. The idea was to pick images in magazines you were drawn to at random after setting an intention for personal guidance in meditation. Then you combine the most attractive images to you in a collage. This is what I came up with that day then put into Photoshop to create a more unified effect using a variety of filters.

What I really like about doing this exercise is the internal representation I didn't expect to choose for spirit. I wasn't even thinking in those terms. I don't remember what the meditative focus was now but I'm sure it was something mundane like what do I need to remember for my health and well-being right now?

Love is at the Source. Sometimes I hear guidance about lightening up, enjoying the ride a lot more. To stop being so serious and enjoy my life. LOVE is at the Source! Why wouldn't a loving spirit want us to love our lives?

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Gut Bacteria, Bach Flower Remedies, and Monsanto

Everyone involved in the world of flower essence therapy knows that flower essences were invented by Edward Bach, a respected immunologist who previously invented vaccines and later homeopathic nosodes from gut bacteria. His extensive research led him to flower essence therapy through the belief that the internal system of every human being works synergistically with the bacteria in the gut. He invented his homeopathic nosodes to address the specific states of mind and emotional issues connected with overgrowth or undergrowth of both beneficial and not so beneficial bacteria.

Every emotional state releases a flood of neurochemicals and hormones, changing the biochemical balance in our bodies in minute ways for a certain period of time. But states repeated too often can create problems. Chronic states change the bacterial environment by killing or inhibiting the growth of some and exciting the growth of others. You could think of it as a chemical soup that some bacteria hate and others go crazy for. Over time this lack of balance leads to inflammation and all sorts of illnesses including gastrointestinal disorders, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, depression, autism, infertility, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

Bach was successful with this work as a medical doctor and as a homeopathic researcher. And this led to him quitting his practice to focus on research for the rest of his life using plants to addressing particular states of mind. That's what flower essence remedies are for but anyone who uses them for any period of time learns that when a painful emotional state is released physical symptoms one carries frequently resolve themselves as well.

In recent weeks my Facebook newsfeed has seen a torrent of posts from people upset about the monopolistic and dangerous influence Monsanto has had in the production of food in this country (and worldwide). Many of their GMO seeds are designed to work in conjunction with pesticides and their well-known weed killer Round-up. Round-up, in particular, has been in the newsfeed because the active ingredient in that is Glyphosate and research shows that this chemical has profound effects on people despite Monsanto's assertion that it couldn't be harmful because the mechanism of action it uses to kill weeds is absent in animals. This is true but it IS present in your gut bacteria and that's where the trouble starts.

I downloaded the entire research paper on this from the peer reviewed scientific journal Entropy and read it thoroughly. It makes a very convincing case that many of the most insidious modern diseases including autism and others that were far less prevalent before Round-up was in such extensive use are most likely exacerbated or even potentially caused by the use of the food products glyphosate residues are most prevalent in— sugar, corn, soy and wheat, all the main staples of an American diet.

That's why I've been signing petitions and joining with others to repeal the so-called Monsanto Protection Act, to fight to have GMOS labeled and ban them from the marketplace.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Flower Essence Help For Pets Who Have Lost Their Families

Can you imagine what it must be like to be the beloved pet of an elderly person who has died? Or to believe you had a safe loving family only to be given away or abandoned at the side of a road?

Paul and I once found a whole litter of beautiful puppies left out in the middle of the desert to die. Far away from civilization the people who abandoned them must have realized they had left them to their deaths! We were going for a walk and enticed them to follow us back to our house which must have been at least a mile away. There we gave them a long drink of water, loaded them into our Jeep and brought them to the animal shelter.

We hated to do it. You never know if animals left at the shelter will be adopted or wind up being killed but we had nowhere they would be safe where we lived (and we weren't living at our own home with the choice to make that decision to boot). I'll never forget the reaction of the smallest most sensitive puppy. She climbed into a crevice in the back of the car and had to be dragged out whimpering and crying. Our only consolation was the reaction of a little girl and her mom who saw us taking the puppies out of the car. We know at least some of those pups were adopted right away.

I recently added to my line a flower essence formula for pets who have lost their long-time homes. It contains Borage, Rock Rose and Green-Cross Gentian to help heal broken-heartedness, fear and grief, and to have courage when it feels like all is lost. (People can sometimes benefit from a formula like this, too. Don't be afraid to use it for young children in the same situation or for yourself.)


This is a great formula for veterinarians, pet supply stores and animal shelters to keep on hand! Wholesale orders are always welcome.

No Patchouli! Make My Flower Essences Unscented, Please!

Okay, okay, I get it. You can't stand Patchouli. It reminds you of the 60s. You hate it because your brother makes fun of you for being a hippie whenever you put some on. It's brown--won't that stain my skin? (No)

I use Patchouli in my very effective Inner Strength and Protection flower essence aromatherapy formula but I hear ya, some people HATE Patchouli!

And I don't blame you. Even if you like the scent the people around you might not appreciate it especially if you're in a line of work where you need to work closely with your clients in a contained environment like a therapy office or massage room. And nurses, family caregivers, massage practitioners and therapists are who I made this formula for!

Hmmm, how did I miss the boat on that one?

Introducing UNSCENTED Inner Strength and Protection Reiki-infused flower essence spray. This is actually the original formula I made and used most effectively on myself before I made Mama Love products. I love it—whenever I feel too sucked up by other people's problems or overly affected by people acting codependently with me it never fails to turn me around.

Inner Strength and Protection is available now on Etsy, too!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Make Money Selling Flower Essence Products!

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It could happen...

Organic Reiki-Infused Flower Essence Aromatherapy Gift Sets!

Hey Mama Love fans!

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You can choose between sets I put together for Manifestation, Healing Support, Work and Play, Healthy Relationships, Caregiving Support, and Happiness or choose three dram-sized formulas and make your own!

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Sunday, June 09, 2013

Reiki-Infused Flower Essence Spray for Helping Pets Get Along

When I developed my line of flower essence sprays for pets I especially had in mind formulas to help pets transition to a new home or to changes in their home environment. My cat Chloe needed assistance with that when I brought her home from the animal shelter. She needed attention but was afraid to be touched. I gave her Mariposa Lily for bonding issues and she instantly responded!

Chloe doesn't have trouble with aggression but when she and her cat sister Peeps had to adjust to living with two other cats, Chai and Gregory, in Santa Cruz all kinds of mayhem ensued. Peeps did not appreciate Chai's attempts to be friends. She would hiss at him, hurt his feelings, and then he would strike back and retaliate by ambushing and chasing her whenever he got the chance. I wish I had thought to create this formula back then!

This spiritually-guided formula contains Poison Oak, Rock Water and Mallow flower essences to help ease insecurities and overly self-protective tendencies so pets can learn positive social contact and become part of a group more healthfully. 

Poison Oak?!!

Don't worry. Poison Oak in flower essence and homeopathic dosages can do no harm. It works like a vaccine in the sense that a minute amount -- far less than the amount of a substance used in medical vaccines! -- will inspire the body to bring forth healing compounds to counter its effect. In flower essence therapy we are usually dealing with emotional / spiritual issues so I won't even guess at whether Poison Oak flower essence would help you develop an actual immunity to Poison Oak! But it does assist in countering the poisonous overly self-protective qualities a person or animal with Poison Oak-like tendencies might exhibit. It softens hostile stances and eases irritability, addressing the underlying fear that is really the cause of the aggression. You could say that Poison Oak is a sensitive plant that tries overly hard to keep others away. If you or your pet exhibit this same tendency give it a try

Yes, people can use it, too! In fact, pets usually mirror issues going on, at least under the surface, in the people they live with. Are YOU having a hard time learning to adjust to new relationships in your environment? Are you attempting a blended family, for instance, or have housemates to get adjusted to? If so, consider taking the same formula along with your pets. (I'll be discussing this more in future blog posts -- stay tuned!)


This product line would be fantastic for veterinarians and animal shelters to make available to their clients. Wholesale orders are possible -- send me an email!

Chloe's Been Sick But Might Be Improving! (Manzanita Flower Essence)

Chloe on Paul's Lap
Our cat Chloe was diagnosed with an inoperable tumor on the left side of her face almost two months ago. It grew really fast and the vet simply gave us pain meds to give her for comfort care.

We've been adjusting to the idea of her transitioning to death but Chloe seems to have a better idea. And then a few days ago Paul had a dream about Manzanita being a "miracle medicine."

Manzanita flower essence is more typically used by people with poor body image and anorexia. It is supposed to help people embrace their physicality. According to the Flower Essence Society it is for redirecting one's spiritual focus towards the body. I made up a spray bottle with it and Chloe became much more interested in eating, more curious about her surroundings and lively.

But she also seemed a lot more stressed about her body. She immediately developed an obsession with licking her paws and washing her face. It was like she wanted to wash her tumor away. So I added Rescue Remedy to her Manzanita and gave her some Reiki healing and that seems to help. Yesterday she had a hard day because we experimented with reducing her pain meds which seemed great at first and bad later. But she enjoyed cuddling with us while we watched a DVD last night and is lively again and eating really well this morning. She's active and engaged with what exists of her life in a way that wasn't true since she's been on the pain meds. It's really quite remarkable.

Chloe is now the face of my latest line of unscented Reiki-infused flower essence formulas for pets. She's been a great teacher in the realm of flower essences for me and continues to do so today.