Sunday, June 09, 2013

Chloe's Been Sick But Might Be Improving! (Manzanita Flower Essence)

Chloe on Paul's Lap
Our cat Chloe was diagnosed with an inoperable tumor on the left side of her face almost two months ago. It grew really fast and the vet simply gave us pain meds to give her for comfort care.

We've been adjusting to the idea of her transitioning to death but Chloe seems to have a better idea. And then a few days ago Paul had a dream about Manzanita being a "miracle medicine."

Manzanita flower essence is more typically used by people with poor body image and anorexia. It is supposed to help people embrace their physicality. According to the Flower Essence Society it is for redirecting one's spiritual focus towards the body. I made up a spray bottle with it and Chloe became much more interested in eating, more curious about her surroundings and lively.

But she also seemed a lot more stressed about her body. She immediately developed an obsession with licking her paws and washing her face. It was like she wanted to wash her tumor away. So I added Rescue Remedy to her Manzanita and gave her some Reiki healing and that seems to help. Yesterday she had a hard day because we experimented with reducing her pain meds which seemed great at first and bad later. But she enjoyed cuddling with us while we watched a DVD last night and is lively again and eating really well this morning. She's active and engaged with what exists of her life in a way that wasn't true since she's been on the pain meds. It's really quite remarkable.

Chloe is now the face of my latest line of unscented Reiki-infused flower essence formulas for pets. She's been a great teacher in the realm of flower essences for me and continues to do so today.

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