Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Flower Essence Help For Pets Who Have Lost Their Families

Can you imagine what it must be like to be the beloved pet of an elderly person who has died? Or to believe you had a safe loving family only to be given away or abandoned at the side of a road?

Paul and I once found a whole litter of beautiful puppies left out in the middle of the desert to die. Far away from civilization the people who abandoned them must have realized they had left them to their deaths! We were going for a walk and enticed them to follow us back to our house which must have been at least a mile away. There we gave them a long drink of water, loaded them into our Jeep and brought them to the animal shelter.

We hated to do it. You never know if animals left at the shelter will be adopted or wind up being killed but we had nowhere they would be safe where we lived (and we weren't living at our own home with the choice to make that decision to boot). I'll never forget the reaction of the smallest most sensitive puppy. She climbed into a crevice in the back of the car and had to be dragged out whimpering and crying. Our only consolation was the reaction of a little girl and her mom who saw us taking the puppies out of the car. We know at least some of those pups were adopted right away.

I recently added to my line a flower essence formula for pets who have lost their long-time homes. It contains Borage, Rock Rose and Green-Cross Gentian to help heal broken-heartedness, fear and grief, and to have courage when it feels like all is lost. (People can sometimes benefit from a formula like this, too. Don't be afraid to use it for young children in the same situation or for yourself.)


This is a great formula for veterinarians, pet supply stores and animal shelters to keep on hand! Wholesale orders are always welcome.

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