Thursday, June 13, 2013

Gut Bacteria, Bach Flower Remedies, and Monsanto

Everyone involved in the world of flower essence therapy knows that flower essences were invented by Edward Bach, a respected immunologist who previously invented vaccines and later homeopathic nosodes from gut bacteria. His extensive research led him to flower essence therapy through the belief that the internal system of every human being works synergistically with the bacteria in the gut. He invented his homeopathic nosodes to address the specific states of mind and emotional issues connected with overgrowth or undergrowth of both beneficial and not so beneficial bacteria.

Every emotional state releases a flood of neurochemicals and hormones, changing the biochemical balance in our bodies in minute ways for a certain period of time. But states repeated too often can create problems. Chronic states change the bacterial environment by killing or inhibiting the growth of some and exciting the growth of others. You could think of it as a chemical soup that some bacteria hate and others go crazy for. Over time this lack of balance leads to inflammation and all sorts of illnesses including gastrointestinal disorders, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, depression, autism, infertility, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

Bach was successful with this work as a medical doctor and as a homeopathic researcher. And this led to him quitting his practice to focus on research for the rest of his life using plants to addressing particular states of mind. That's what flower essence remedies are for but anyone who uses them for any period of time learns that when a painful emotional state is released physical symptoms one carries frequently resolve themselves as well.

In recent weeks my Facebook newsfeed has seen a torrent of posts from people upset about the monopolistic and dangerous influence Monsanto has had in the production of food in this country (and worldwide). Many of their GMO seeds are designed to work in conjunction with pesticides and their well-known weed killer Round-up. Round-up, in particular, has been in the newsfeed because the active ingredient in that is Glyphosate and research shows that this chemical has profound effects on people despite Monsanto's assertion that it couldn't be harmful because the mechanism of action it uses to kill weeds is absent in animals. This is true but it IS present in your gut bacteria and that's where the trouble starts.

I downloaded the entire research paper on this from the peer reviewed scientific journal Entropy and read it thoroughly. It makes a very convincing case that many of the most insidious modern diseases including autism and others that were far less prevalent before Round-up was in such extensive use are most likely exacerbated or even potentially caused by the use of the food products glyphosate residues are most prevalent in— sugar, corn, soy and wheat, all the main staples of an American diet.

That's why I've been signing petitions and joining with others to repeal the so-called Monsanto Protection Act, to fight to have GMOS labeled and ban them from the marketplace.

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