Sunday, June 16, 2013

Is Monsanto War Gaming the Science on Round-up and their GMO Seeds?

Well, let's just say this. I recently had the infuriating experience of accepting a Friend request on Facebook from a person who claimed to just be a local rancher interested in open discussion about organic ranching and other such things. I was hesitant. More than hesitant because I had just witnessed her using odd half truths to defend Monsanto and GMO products on another thread. She'd make a half true statement, sometimes even with links to back her up. But even on the pages she linked to -- if you read far enough down -- you'd find the other half of the story she left out. Each time, like a lawyer on amphetamines, she'd leap at every opportunity to make her unusually pro-Monsanto case. But I engaged civilly and she talked me into accepting her Friend request.

Then I posted a link to a scientific study in a peer reviewed science journal about glyphosate (the active ingredient in Round-up) and why people might want to be concerned about its damaging effects. She immediately posted a link in the Comments to an article about "Pseudo Science" as her response. I removed her comment and blocked her from my list.

A few days later Paul came across this blog post in which this same person is identified as one of the "Women of Monsanto" and in the post were arguments, some word for word the same as those made on the Facebook thread I initially engaged with her on, about why we owe this pesticide and herbicide turned food supply owning mega-giant company a debt of gratitude. If you didn't take the whole picture into consideration you'd think Monsanto was the world's fairy godmother!

War gaming the science involves many tactics. Attempting to discredit scientific studies is a huge part of it -- just watch Fox News and how they're gaming the global warming / climate change debate! Another huge tactic is to use half-truths to spread misinformation by making enough saleable points to make people not notice the discrepancies. And then it never hurts to enlist farmers and ranchers to shill for Monsanto.  In exchange for what? Free seeds? Free pesticides and herbicides? Discounts? Or outright payments?

I don't know. My Facebook "Friend" wasn't saying. She didn't admit to being a spokesperson for them. But she didn't wind up being called a Woman of Monsanto for no good reason.

Just sayin'....

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