Sunday, June 09, 2013

Reiki-Infused Flower Essence Spray for Helping Pets Get Along

When I developed my line of flower essence sprays for pets I especially had in mind formulas to help pets transition to a new home or to changes in their home environment. My cat Chloe needed assistance with that when I brought her home from the animal shelter. She needed attention but was afraid to be touched. I gave her Mariposa Lily for bonding issues and she instantly responded!

Chloe doesn't have trouble with aggression but when she and her cat sister Peeps had to adjust to living with two other cats, Chai and Gregory, in Santa Cruz all kinds of mayhem ensued. Peeps did not appreciate Chai's attempts to be friends. She would hiss at him, hurt his feelings, and then he would strike back and retaliate by ambushing and chasing her whenever he got the chance. I wish I had thought to create this formula back then!

This spiritually-guided formula contains Poison Oak, Rock Water and Mallow flower essences to help ease insecurities and overly self-protective tendencies so pets can learn positive social contact and become part of a group more healthfully. 

Poison Oak?!!

Don't worry. Poison Oak in flower essence and homeopathic dosages can do no harm. It works like a vaccine in the sense that a minute amount -- far less than the amount of a substance used in medical vaccines! -- will inspire the body to bring forth healing compounds to counter its effect. In flower essence therapy we are usually dealing with emotional / spiritual issues so I won't even guess at whether Poison Oak flower essence would help you develop an actual immunity to Poison Oak! But it does assist in countering the poisonous overly self-protective qualities a person or animal with Poison Oak-like tendencies might exhibit. It softens hostile stances and eases irritability, addressing the underlying fear that is really the cause of the aggression. You could say that Poison Oak is a sensitive plant that tries overly hard to keep others away. If you or your pet exhibit this same tendency give it a try

Yes, people can use it, too! In fact, pets usually mirror issues going on, at least under the surface, in the people they live with. Are YOU having a hard time learning to adjust to new relationships in your environment? Are you attempting a blended family, for instance, or have housemates to get adjusted to? If so, consider taking the same formula along with your pets. (I'll be discussing this more in future blog posts -- stay tuned!)


This product line would be fantastic for veterinarians and animal shelters to make available to their clients. Wholesale orders are possible -- send me an email!

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