Friday, June 21, 2013

Update on Chloe

Chloe's been taking us on a bit of a ride. We decided not to euthanize her unless she seems to be suffering too much. define "suffering".

We've been saying "interest in life" and not being in terrible pain means it's worth hanging in.

In the last week Chloe has been eating less and less which means she's getting very thin and the amount of pain meds prescribed for her is too much. A couple of days ago she stopped eating altogether, had stopped purring, and could barely stagger a few feet so we had a very sad day of trying to decide what to do next. We finally decided to get enough pain meds for this weekend and put off the decision for  a few days more. Then we started more earnestly attempting to feed her cream and chicken soup with an eye dropper, doing Reiki and misting her with flower essences.

We got no reward for that yesterday but this morning, just a minute before the time I had intended to get up for work, I felt a little paw pat my leg. Chloe had somehow got herself up on the bed and cuddled up beside us. When I sat up she started purring and responded to petting with great enthusiasm, leaning in to my hand and offering me different parts of her body for attention. We hung out quite a while then I got up and she allowed me to give her a drink and took 2-3 licks of her wet catfood and several droppers full of chicken soup. I intuitively was guided to give her a lot less pain medication than we had been told to give her. Half what she had been getting earlier in the week. And she had a much better day. She's still only eating tiny amounts but at least she's eating and her interest in life has definitely returned.

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