Wednesday, July 31, 2013

How to Relax While Waiting for a Job Interview Using Flower Essence Therapy

Today I was thinking about creating a new flower essence formula for impatience. But before I jumped in I realized that people don't necessarily have a problem being patient per se. It's what comes up when you have to wait that's really a problem.

For example, have you ever had the experience of waiting for a job interview? Especially one you really need? What comes up for some people is a deep sense of foreboding. "What if I don't get this job? What's my action plan?" and so on. They want progress. They need forward motion and waiting just slows it down.

They can't wait really. They need to take action on things related to getting prepared for that interview and developing alternatives. Being patient—just sitting on a log and waiting for the phone to ring—isn't going to help.

A flower essence formula for patience then isn't the quick fix.

On the other hand, we can get clearer on our own emotional process while going through things like this, pay attention to our stuck patterns, and get help with that!

Want to be relaxed while navigating in potentially unfamiliar arenas, feel ready for the adventure, and enjoy the ride? Doing New Things with Confidence is my favorite. I'm really loving the spray version these days but I used to use the body oil / perfume all the time. There's also an unscented version and other possibilities for people who say "that's not what goes on for me at all!"

What happens when you have to wait too long? Do you get really nervous and just can't relax?  Or does the waiting throw you into a pit of despair? Are you struggling with faith and remaining optimistic? Losing sleep?

Check out my entire product list to see what's most appropriate for your situation.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Poison Oak Flower Essence
I have two new flower essence formulas for pets (and people) with Poison Oak flower essence in my shop right now: Mama Love for Getting Along with Others and Mama Love for Healing Aggression. Since then I've been fretting a bit about using Poison Oak. Not because I'm concerned that it will do any harm, but because I know that it takes time to get used to the idea that it won't.

Seriously, how excited are you going to be to try a product that claims to have been made with Poison Oak? Or anything with the word "poison" in the name? Talk about a marketing dilemma!

So let's make this a teaching opportunity.

Flower essences are an offshoot of the field of homeopathy where substances that have a negative effect on a person in large amounts are given to them in extremely minute dosages to create the opposite effect. The body responds by creating what it needs to counteract the substance with sometimes remarkable results. If the right homeopathic remedy is chosen, symptoms a patient might have been experiencing for years can even go away. In homeopathy Poison Oak is frequently recommended for stiffness, extreme restlessness and irritability. It is also often used to heal rashes and blistered skin. In Flower Essence Therapy the flowers of Poison Oak are used to heal a tendency to be overreactive and rejecting, perhaps even rash and blistering in emotional and mental response. Poison Oak flower essence helps quiet this tendency, easing the over-the-top need to protect oneself so more ease in personal relations (especially in regards to being touched) can occur.

Are you having trouble introducing a new pet to a household with other animals? Perhaps you're having trouble blending into a group or new household yourself? Are you acting prickly, irritable, finding yourself snapping at people in your interactions, or rejecting the intrusion into your normally quiet insular existence? Or does this describe your pet? Consider using Poison Oak singly or in one of the formulas listed below.
Mama Love for Getting Along with Others
Mama Love for Healing Aggression

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

New Abstract Art Designs on iPhone Covers, Travel Mugs and Laptop Bags

I have a new piece on display at the 1078 Gallery this month and it occurred to me last night that it would look great on an iPhone cover. Then I did a bunch of other Zazzle products and liked what I saw! Check out the laptop case and travel mug here. I also thought it looked great on a lot of other things, too.