Wednesday, August 14, 2013

When Something "Wrong" Blossoms into Something Good! (Flower Essence Aromatherapy for Opening the Heart)

Sometimes things change and you have to go with the flow. But that's not always easy for me!

Take, for instance, what happened with my Mama Love business recently. My supplier stopped making the Rose oil blend I use in so many of my products and now make a different one they like better. But I don't! Every time I open the bottle the deep musky smell of Rose Otto makes me go "blech"! And I got a new bottle of Jasmine oil that didn't smell at all like what I had before, too. Same problem, it's not as sweet straight out of the bottle as my old batch and I always feel like it's going to ruin whatever I put it into.

I've fretted and moaned and searched high and low for other possibilities. Finally I ran out of one of my formulas that depend on both of those ingredients and couldn't fill an order without them.

So I sat down to make some more with the new ingredients I had on hand, fretting all the while that it wasn't going to be good enough. "What should I do? What should I do? This is awful! Should I send it to my customer? Should I tell them I can't?"

I made a small batch and put a little on one wrist and a little of my old formula on my other wrist. I figured I'd compare the two and if the new one was really bad I'd refund my customer's money and let this order go.

But that's not what happened. Yes, they don't smell the same. But the new formula smells stronger and a fair bit BETTER! Somehow when the deeper Jasmine and Rose blend with the Lemon and Neroli in jojoba the combination melds into something quite nice and, you could say, more sophisticated smelling than what I had before. It's my Open-Hearted Loving formula I'm talking about here. I guess you could say that my old formula reminded me of new love in Springtime but this formula is more like love that has blossomed into maturity. Like the difference between a tiny sweetheart rose and a velvety deep dark red one with a fuller-bodied scent.

It's still made to aromatherapy strength so it's safe enough for a full body massage straight out of the bottle without diluting. It's not like a full strength perfume which could knock your socks off and the socks of everyone in a room! But it's a nice improvement on the old version and I thought the old one was pretty darned good!

You can find it on my Mama Love website as well as in my Etsy shop.

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